Riyadh Bus

Riyadh Bus
OwnerRoyal Commission for Riyadh City
Transit typeBus rapid transit
Number of stations2,900+
Began operation19 March 2023[1]
Number of vehicles800+
System length1,900 km (1,180.61 mi)

Riyadh Bus (Arabic: حافلات الرياض) is a 1184-mile comprehensive public bus service network system in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.[2][3]


The King Abdulaziz Project for Riyadh Public Transport (bus and metro) began construction in 2014. The BRT system, which is part of this project, became operational in March 2023. and with the deployment of the fifth phase, There are currently 53 operational bus routes, 672 buses, and 2145 bus stops and stations.[4][5][6][7] [8] The Riyadh bus network after completion will be fully integrated with the metro network and features 86 bus routes covering 1,900 kilometers with more than 2,900 bus stations and stops served by 800 buses.[9]


The bus Network will provide three categories:

  • Three bus rapid transit routes will provide 160 km of dedicated bus lanes serving high-capacity corridors.
  • 910 km of community lines network. Consisting of 19 lines.
  • 58 feeder Bus lines will provide seamless connections with metro and BRT system.
Riyadh Bus network map

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