Rivière de Cayenne

Rivière de Cayenne
Rivière de Cayenne is located in French Guiana
Rivière de Cayenne
Location of the mouth
RegionFrench Guiana
Physical characteristics
MouthAtlantic Ocean
 • coordinates
4°55′23″N 52°20′56″W / 4.923°N 52.3489°W / 4.923; -52.3489Coordinates: 4°55′23″N 52°20′56″W / 4.923°N 52.3489°W / 4.923; -52.3489
 • elevation
Sea level
Length44 km (27 mi)
Basin features
 • leftTonnegrande, Montsinéry River
 • rightRivière des Cascades

The Rivière de Cayenne ("Cayenne River") is a river in French Guiana, formed by the Rivière des Cascades, Tonnegrande, and Montsinéry River. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean near the city of Cayenne, forming an estuary about 2 km long. It is 43.7 km (27.2 mi) long, including its upper course Rivière des Cascades.[1][2]

The river featured prominently in both the movie and the book Papillon by Henri Charrière.

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