Rikacha Tuna

Rikacha Tuna
Rikacha Tuna is located in Peru
Rikacha Tuna
Rikacha Tuna
Highest point
Elevation4,400 m (14,400 ft) [1]
Coordinates10°23′37″S 76°00′53″W / 10.39361°S 76.01472°W / -10.39361; -76.01472Coordinates: 10°23′37″S 76°00′53″W / 10.39361°S 76.01472°W / -10.39361; -76.01472
LocationPeru, Huánuco Region
Parent rangeAndes

Rikacha Tuna (Quechua rikacha Arracacia xanthorrhiza, tuna slope,[2][3] "rikacha slope", Hispanicized spelling Ricachatuna) is a 4,400-metre-high (14,400 ft) mountain in the Andes of Peru. It is located in the Pachitea Province, Panao District. Rikacha Tuna lies northeast of K'uchu Hanka.[4]


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