Ridgeway, Lusaka

City neighborhood
Ridgeway is located in Zambia
Location in Zambia15°26'05.0"S 28°19'14.0"E
Coordinates: 15°26′05″S 28°19′14″E / 15.43472°S 28.32056°E / -15.43472; 28.32056Coordinates: 15°26′05″S 28°19′14″E / 15.43472°S 28.32056°E / -15.43472; 28.32056
Country Zambia

Ridgeway is a neighborhood in the city of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.


The neighborhood is bordered by Independence Avenue to the north, Chitukuko Road to the east, Burma Road to the south and Nationalist Road to the west.[1] The coordinates of the neighborhood are 15°26'05.0"S, 28°19'14.0"E (Latitude:-15.434736; Longitude:28.320553).[2]


The neighborhood houses the following national institutions and buildings, among others:[1]

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