A regidor (plural: regidores) is a member of a council of municipalities in Spain and Latin America. Portugal also used to have the same office of regedor.


In Mexico, an ayuntamiento (municipal council) is composed of a municipal president (mayor), one or two síndicos (attorney general) and several regidores who meet in cabildo (council) sessions. A regidor is the community representative (commissioner) before the municipal government.[1]

The responsibilities of a regidor are:[2]

  • To participate in council session and administer the interests of the municipality
  • To exert faculties of inspection and oversee the branches of public administration
  • To obtain information from the municipal president regarding the services offered by the different dependencies

Some activities of a regidor are:[1]

  • Propose or reform of municipal regulations
  • Vote on municipal affairs
  • To attend a commission assigned to them
  • Promote social participation
  • Propose measures for municipal development

All municipalities of Aguascalientes have five regidores and one síndico except for the capital, which has ten regidores and two síndicos.[3]

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