Ramis Bahshaliyev

2007 World Championship
Competition record
World Championship
1st 2022 Almaty -74 kg
1st 2014 Las Vegas -90 kg
1st 2010 Las Vegas -82 kg
1st 2007 Orlando -82 kg
1st 2006 Las Vegas -82 kg
1st 2005 Laughlin -82 kg
1st 2003 Richmond -82 kg
1st 2002 Laughlin -75 kg
1st 2001 San-Diego -75 kg
9th 1999 Trento -75 kg
9th 1998 Amberg -75 kg
Asian Championship
6th 2000 New Delhi -75 kg
USSR Championship
5th 1991 Mariupol -67,5 kg
Central Asian Championship
1st 1989 Ashkhabad -60 kg

Ramis (BE) Bahshaliyev (Russian: Бахшалиев Рамис Бахманович, Azerbaijani: Ramiz Bəhman oğlu Bahshaliyev). Bahshaliyev is an 8-time World Powerlifting Champion (Amateur Athletic Union (AAU))[citation needed] and operates out of the British Columbian city of Port Moody.[1] He was born in 1971 in the town of Iolotan, at the time in the former-USSR and now the capital of Ýolöten District in the Mary Province of Turkmenistan. Between 1989 and 2004, Bahshaliyev represented Turkmen SSR (USSR) and Turkmenistan in powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions, with the title of the nation being represented changing in 2001, following the dissolution of the USSR.

Bahshaliyev is currently listed as the British Columbian contact for the AAU Powerlifting division.[1]

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