Raga River

Raga River
Raga River is located in South Sudan
Raga River
CountrySouth Sudan
StateWestern Bahr el Ghazal
Physical characteristics
MouthBoro River
 • coordinates
8°42′08″N 25°52′31″E / 8.702262°N 25.875165°E / 8.702262; 25.875165

The Raga River is a river of South Sudan, a right tributary of the Boro River.


The Raga River rises in Western Bahr el Ghazal near the border with Haut-Mbomou in the Central African Republic. It flows in a northeast direction past the town of Raga to its confluence with the Boro.[1]


The river is home to Onchocerca volvulus, the parasite that causes Onchocerciasis, which causes blindness and is a serious public health issue. The disease is mainly concentrated on villages who use the river for fishing, drinking, bathing and washing.[2]


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