Résidence Arc-en-ciel

Résidence Arc-en-ciel
BP 134
Résidence Arc-en-ciel is located in French Guiana
Résidence Arc-en-ciel
Résidence Arc-en-ciel
Location in French Guiana
Coordinates: 4°53′35″N 52°17′12″W / 4.8931°N 52.2867°W / 4.8931; -52.2867Coordinates: 4°53′35″N 52°17′12″W / 4.8931°N 52.2867°W / 4.8931; -52.2867
Overseas regionFrench Guiana
 • Total3,250−4,000
Time zoneUTC-3

Résidence Arc-en-ciel (English: rainbow residence) or BP 134[1] is a Brazilian village in the commune of Remire-Montjoly in French Guiana, France. A large part of the population are Karipuna do Amapá Amerindians.[2]


The Karipuna do Amapá Amerindians used to live in a disputed territory between French Guiana and Brazil. In 1900 their territory was awarded to Brazil,[3] however their primary language is Karipúna French Creole due to prolonged contact with French Guianese.[4]

A group of Karipuna squatted an area near Remire-Montjoly on the outskirts of Cayenne. The village was originally known as BP 134. Other Amerindians joined them,[2] and were followed by people from other parts of Brazil.[5] By 2009, the population of Résidence Arc-en-ciel including illegal residents was estimated between 3,250 and 4,000 people.[1]

In 2000, the inhabitants of Résidence Arc-en-ciel formed DAAC, an organisation for rights, health care and general support for the community.[6] In 2013, the commune of Remire-Montjoly announced the demolition and clearing of the village.[7] In 2017, a program of urban and social development was started.[8]


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