Quriqucha (Cusco)

Quriqucha is located in Peru
Location PER Peru
Cusco Region
Coordinates13°26′01″S 71°56′52″W / 13.43361°S 71.94778°W / -13.43361; -71.94778Coordinates: 13°26′01″S 71°56′52″W / 13.43361°S 71.94778°W / -13.43361; -71.94778[1]
Surface elevation4,020 m (13,190 ft)

Quriqucha (Quechua quri gold, qucha lake,[2] "gold lake", hispanicized spelling Coricocha, Qoricocha) is a lake in Peru located in the Cusco Region, Calca Province, Coya District.[3] It is situated at a height of about 4,020 metres (13,189 ft). Quriqucha lies west of the Willkanuta River and the little town Taray.


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