Qingshui County

Qingshui County
Qingshui in Tianshui
Qingshui in Tianshui
Tianshui in Gansu
Tianshui in Gansu
Coordinates: 34°44′59″N 106°08′15″E / 34.7498°N 106.1374°E / 34.7498; 106.1374Coordinates: 34°44′59″N 106°08′15″E / 34.7498°N 106.1374°E / 34.7498; 106.1374
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityTianshui
 • County2,012 km2 (777 sq mi)
 • Rural
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code

Qingshui County (simplified Chinese: 清水县; traditional Chinese: 清水縣; pinyin: Qīngshuǐ Xiàn; lit. 'clearwater') is a county in Gansu province of the People's Republic of China, bordering Shaanxi province to the east. It is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Tianshui. In 2014 its population was 324,300 people, of which 298,800 was rural.[1]

The county administers 6 towns, 12 townships, 260 administrative villages, and 1118 villager groups.

The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times with over 190 archaeological sites having been uncovered. In 115 B.C. a county called Shangju (上邽)[2] was established in current Qingshui. It is the birthplace of Zhao Chongguo (赵充国), a famous Han dynasty general.[1] According to some historians, Genghis Khan died in what is now Qingshui.[3][4][5]

Qingshui has some of the most fertile agricultural lands in the region. Crops that are grown include wheat, corn, artichokes, beans, as well as economic crops such as Chinese medicinal plants, flax, sunflower, hemp, vegetables, and flowers.[1]

Administrative divisions

Qingshui County is divided to 15 towns, 3 townships and 1 other.

  • Yongqing (永清镇)
  • Hongbao (红堡镇)
  • Baituo (白驼镇)
  • Jinji (金集镇)
  • Qinting (秦亭镇)
  • Shanmen (山门镇)
  • Baisha (白沙镇)
  • Wanghe (王河镇)
  • Guochuan (郭川镇)
  • Huangmen (黄门镇)
  • Songshu (松树镇)
  • Yuanmen (远门镇)
  • Tumen (土门镇)
  • Caochuanpu (草川铺镇)
  • Longdong (陇东镇)
  • Jiachuan Township(贾川乡)
  • Fengwang Township(丰望乡)
  • Xincheng Township(新城乡)
  • Qingshui County Science and Technology Breeding Demonstration Park (清水县科技养殖示范园区)

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