Puerto Inca Province

Puerto Inca
Pachitea River near Nueva Honoria, Honoria District
Pachitea River near Nueva Honoria, Honoria District
Location of Puerto Inca in the Huánuco Region
Location of Puerto Inca in the Huánuco Region
CapitalPuerto Inca
 • MayorMelanio Leonidas Nuñez Vera
 • Total9,913.94 km2 (3,827.79 sq mi)
(2005 census)
 • Total31,748
 • Density3.2/km2 (8.3/sq mi)

The Puerto Inca Province is the largest of eleven provinces of the Huánuco Region in Peru.[1] The capital of this province is the city of Puerto Inca.



According to the 2007 census, Spanish was spoken by 89.5% of the population as their first language, while 5.5% spoke Quechua, 1.9% spoke Asháninka, 0.3% spoke Aymara, 2.6% spoke other indigenous languages and 0.0% spoke foreign languages.

In the early 20th century, a number of Japanese migrated to the area and established the Kudo and Taba settlements for rice and coffee cultivation.[2]

Political division

The province is divided into five districts:

Places of interest


  • A species of oribatid mite, Rhynchoppia puertoincaensis was discovered in Puerto Inca province and named after the area in 2017[3]


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9°40′31″S 75°27′01″W / 9.67528°S 75.45028°W / -9.67528; -75.45028

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