Pongo River (South Sudan)

Pongo River
Pongo River (South Sudan) is located in South Sudan
Pongo River (South Sudan)
CountrySouth Sudan
StateWestern Bahr el Ghazal
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates7°01′53″N 26°41′29″E / 7.0314°N 26.6913°E / 7.0314; 26.6913
MouthLol River
 • coordinates
8°56′32″N 28°08′59″E / 8.9422°N 28.1498°E / 8.9422; 28.1498

The Pongo River is a stream in the South Sudanese state of Northern Bahr el Ghazal. It is a right tributary of the Lol River.


The Pongo rises in the south of Western Bahr el Ghazal. It flows in a north northeast direction into Western Bahr el Ghazal, and passes to the east of Malek Alei. The river branches, with one branch flowing north to join the Lol River around 8°51′43″N 27°37′04″E / 8.8619°N 27.6178°E / 8.8619; 27.6178 while the longer main branch flows northeast and then east to the south of Akon before turning northeast to join the Lol River.[1]

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