Peleng is located in Sulawesi
LocationSouth East Asia
Coordinates1°24′S 123°10′E / 1.400°S 123.167°E / -1.400; 123.167Coordinates: 1°24′S 123°10′E / 1.400°S 123.167°E / -1.400; 123.167
Area2,406 km2 (929 sq mi)
Highest elevation1,100 m (3600 ft)
Highest pointUnnamed
Province Central Sulawesi
Population109,319 (2010)
Peleng, off the East Peninsula of Sulawesi

Peleng is an island off the east coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia and is the largest island of the Banggai Islands (Kepulauan Banggai). It is surrounded by the Banda Sea and Molucca Sea and has an area of 2,406 km².

Some of the smaller islands surrounding Peleng of the Banggai Islands group are Banggai Island, Bowokan, Labobo, Kebongan, Kotudan, Tropettenando, Timpau, Salue Besar, Salue Kecil, Masepe, and Bangkulu.

In January 2020 a paper published in the journal Science documented the discovery of 10 new songbird species and subspecies, nine of them found in Peleng.[1]


The majority of people on this Peleng Island make their living planting coconuts, sweet potatoes, or fishing.

There are five district capitals on the island being Bulagi, Tataba, Liang, Salakan and Sambiut. The island's largest towns are Basiano and Bonganang.

List of towns

  • Basiano
  • Bongangang
  • Bulagi
  • Lolantang
  • Lukpenenteng
  • Luksagu
  • Pelei
  • Mumulusan
  • Salakan

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