Peabody–Burns USD 398

Peabody–Burns USD 398
506 N. Elm St.[1]
, Kansas, 66866
United States
Coordinates38°10′11″N 97°6′6″W / 38.16972°N 97.10167°W / 38.16972; -97.10167Coordinates: 38°10′11″N 97°6′6″W / 38.16972°N 97.10167°W / 38.16972; -97.10167
District information
GradesPre-K to 12
SuperintendentAntoinette Root[2][3]
School board7 members
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Peabody–Burns USD 398 is a public unified school district headquartered in Peabody, Kansas, United States.[1] The district includes the communities of Peabody, Burns, Wonsevu, and nearby rural areas of Marion, Chase, Harvey and Butler Counties.[4][5]


In 1945, the School Reorganization Act in Kansas caused the consolidation of thousands of rural school districts in Kansas.[6] In 1946-1947, many one-room rural schools consolidated into the Peabody school district.

In 1963, the School Unification Act in Kansas cause the further consolidated thousands of tiny school districts down to hundreds of larger school districts. In 1964, School District 131 was formed by the merger of the former Peabody, Burns, and Summit school districts into one educational system. The first school board consisted of C. Irvin Good of Peabody, Rodney E. Vogelman of Burns, Sherwin C. Ammeter of Summit.[7] On July 1, 1965, the school district was approved by the state to become Unified School District (USD) 398.[8][9][10]

Current schools

Football Stadium at Peabody City Park (looking south-west) (2010). These limestone bleachers, west and north walls, and various items in the park were built in 1938 by the WPA
Former Burns High School in Burns. Currently it is the Burns Community Museum (2010)

The school district operates the following schools:[1]

  • Peabody-Burns Junior/Senior High School at 810 North Sycamore Street in Peabody.[1] In 1953 the Brown Building was built, in 1997 the current school addition was built south of it.
  • Peabody-Burns Elementary School at 506 North Elm Street in Peabody. The school district headquarters is located in the west side of this building.[1] It was built in 1974.

Closed schools

  • Peabody High School, northeast corner of 8th and Walnut in Peabody. It was closed after the current high school addition was built in 1997 then demolished and converted into a football practice field.
  • Peabody Elementary School, northeast corner of 2nd and Maple in Peabody. It was closed after the current elementary school was built in 1974 then demolished.
  • Burns High School, southeast corner of Main and Cincinnati in Burns. It was closed in 1965 then converted into the Burns Community Museum.
  • Burns Elementary School, southwest corner of Main and Church in Burns. It was closed in 1997 then demolished.
  • Summit School (rural), along Vista Road between Peabody and Burns. It was closed in 1965 then demolished.

High School Principals

District Superintendents

Decades ago, Superintendents use to teach class in addition to their administrative roles. The notes columns lists other jobs held within the same school district (not exhaustive, and may be missing some information).

Years Name Notes
2021 to Current Antoinette Root[2][3]
2012 to 2021 Ron Traxson[11]
2011 to 2012 Demitry Evancho (interim)
2007 to 2011 Rex Watson
1999 to 2007 Thomas J. Alstrom
1995 to 1999 Dennis L. Versch
1990 to 1995 Robert Herbig
1982 to 1990 John G. Glover PES principal 1968 to 1982
1980 to 1982 Norris Wika
1967 to 1980 Donald E. Martin[12] PHS principal 1963 to 1967
1962 to 1967 Robert D. Schmitt
1961 to 1962 John G.S. Nettleton[13] PHS principal 1956 to 1961
1955 to 1961 Charles Kerr
1952 to 1955 Harold M. Clark[14][15] PHS principal 1950 to 1952
1950 to 1952 Robert H. Krieger
1927 to 1950 Harry H. Brown[16][17] PHS principal 1923 to 1927,
PHS teacher 1950 to 1956,
Brown Building was named after him
1923 to 1927 Ira O. Scott [17]
1919 to 1923 W.P. Reese
1917 to 1919 C.I. Vinsonhaler
1916 to 1917 P.C. Vilander
1912 to 1916 A.K. Loomis
1910* to 1912 J.W. Roberts

Neighboring school districts

The neighboring school districts to USD 398 are:

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Further reading

  • The Women of Peabody; Peabody Historical Society; Mennonite Press in Newton, KS; 250 pages; 2010; LCCN 2010928692. (contains memories from some former school teachers)
  • Peabody : The First 100 Years; Peabody Historical Society; Peabody Gazette-Herald in Peabody, KS; 123 pages; 1971. (contains school history)

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