Department of Pasco

Department of Pasco
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Flag of Department of Pasco
Official seal of Department of Pasco
Location of the Pasco Region in Peru
Location of the Pasco Region in Peru
Coordinates: 10°30′S 75°18′W / 10.5°S 75.3°W / -10.5; -75.3Coordinates: 10°30′S 75°18′W / 10.5°S 75.3°W / -10.5; -75.3
Subdivisions3 provinces and 28 districts
CapitalCerro de Pasco
 • GovernorPedro Ubaldo Polinar
 • Total25,319.59 km2 (9,775.95 sq mi)
Highest elevation
4,380 m (14,370 ft)
Lowest elevation
256 m (840 ft)
 • Total254,065
 • Density10/km2 (26/sq mi)
Dialing code063
ISO 3166 codePE-PAS
Principal resourcesLead, zinc, silver and coal.
Percentage of Peru's GDP1.04%

Pasco (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpasko]) is a department and region in central Peru. Its capital is Cerro de Pasco.

Political division

Map of the Pasco region showing its provinces

The region is divided into 3 provinces (Spanish: provincias, singular: provincia), which are composed of 28 districts (distritos, singular: distrito).

Celebration in Oxapampa.


The provinces, with their capitals in parentheses, are:

Places of interest

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