Parcani, Transnistria

Парка́ны (Russian)
Паркани (Ukrainian)
Parkany Ansicht.jpg
Parcani is located in Moldova
Coordinates: 46°50′20″N 29°30′59″E / 46.83889°N 29.51639°E / 46.83889; 29.51639
Country (de jure) Moldova
Country (de facto) Transnistria
17 m (56 ft)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Parcani (Romanian: Parcani; Bulgarian: Паркани, Parkani; Ukrainian: Паркани, Parkany; Russian: Парка́ны, Parkany) is a large commune and village in the Slobozia District of Transnistria, a de facto independent entity within the internationally recognized borders of Moldova. The village has a population of around 10,500, of whom 95% are ethnic Bulgarians (Bessarabian Bulgarians). The first Bulgarian colonists arrived in the village in the early 19th century.[1] According to some sources, it is the largest Bulgarian-majority village outside the borders of Bulgaria.[2] A monument to Bulgarian national hero Vasil Levski was unveiled in Parcani in September 2008.[3]

The village lies between Tiraspol and Bender; it is serviced by the trolleybus line between the two cities.

Reports of an attack on a military unit of the Armed Forces of Transnistria near Parcani appeared on 25 April 2022.[4] It was later clarified that these reports referred to an attack that had occurred on that day on the Tiraspol Airport.[5] This incident was part of a series of attacks of unknown authorship that occurred in Transnistria in that year during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which may have been a false flag operation by Russia or Transnistria itself.[6]


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