Pano Deftera

Pano Deftera
Pano Deftera is located in Cyprus
Pano Deftera
Pano Deftera
Coordinates: 35°04′50″N 33°15′58″E / 35.08056°N 33.26611°E / 35.08056; 33.26611
Country Cyprus
DistrictNicosia District
 • Total2,789

Pano Deftera (Greek: Πάνω Δευτερά) is a village 11 km south-west of Nicosia in Cyprus. Pano Deftera was the home of the well-known Eramian family, an Armenian-Cypriot family that came to Cyprus in 1768 and its descendants are spread around the world. The history of the family is documented in Joy Kouyoumdjian's book The Agha's Children.


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The Eramian families farmhouse, a famous family from Pano Deftera
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