Panjshir River

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Panjshir River is located in Afghanistan
Panjshir River
Mouth of the Panjshir River in Afghanistan
Physical characteristics
SourceHindu Kush Mountains
 • locationPanjshir Valley, Afghanistan
 • coordinates35°41′18″N 70°05′14″E / 35.6882°N 70.0871°E / 35.6882; 70.0871
MouthKabul River
 • location
Surobi, Kabul Province, Afghanistan
 • coordinates
34°39′N 69°42′E / 34.650°N 69.700°E / 34.650; 69.700
Basin size12963.7 sq km
Basin features
 • rightGhorband River

The Panjshir River flows through the Panjshir Valley in northeastern Afghanistan, 150 kilometres (93 mi) north of Kabul. Its main tributary is the Ghorband River which flows from the Parwan Province and joins the Panjshir River 10 km east of Charikar in Bagram District. The Panjshir River takes its source near the Anjuman Pass and flows southward through the Hindu Kush and joins the Kabul River at the town of Surobi.[1] A dam was built on the Panjshir River near Surobi in the 1950s to supply water from the Panjshir River to the Kabul River.[2] There is just one permanent bridge on the Panjshir River that provides access to the Bagram Airport.[3][4] On 12 July 2018, there was a flood in Panjshir Valley in which ten people were killed.[5][6]

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Coordinates: 34°39′N 69°42′E / 34.650°N 69.700°E / 34.650; 69.700

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