Otagiri Dam

Otagiri Dam
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Otagiri Dam is located in Japan
Otagiri Dam
Location of Otagiri Dam in Japan
Official name小田切ダム(Otagiri Dam)
LocationNagano Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates36°37′12″N 138°07′24″E / 36.62000°N 138.12333°E / 36.62000; 138.12333Coordinates: 36°37′12″N 138°07′24″E / 36.62000°N 138.12333°E / 36.62000; 138.12333
Construction began1953
Opening date1954
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity dam
Height21.3 m
Dam volume17,000 m3
Power Station
Operator(s)Tokyo Electric Power Company
Installed capacity16,900 KW

Otagiri Dam[1] (Japanese: 小田切ダム) (also sometimes read as Odagiri Dam[2]) is a dam in the Nagano Prefecture, Japan, completed in 1954.[3]

Name origin

The name of the dam originates from the old village “Otagiri” (小田切)[4][circular reference] (not "Odagiri"). Etymologically “Otagiri” consists of “O” and “tagiri”. “O” is a prefix of Japanese. “Tagiri” is the gerund of the verb “tagiru” (it means the motion of water like “boil”).[5][6] In Nagano Prefecture there are many such place names like "Tagiri", “Ô-tagiri”,[7][circular reference] "Naka-tagiri",[8][circular reference] “Inu-tagiri”, “Fut-tagiri”, and “Ka-tagiri”.[9][circular reference][10][circular reference][11][circular reference][12]


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