Nyimalung Monastery

Nyimalung Monastery
AffiliationTibetan Buddhism
LocationPrakhar, Bhutan
Nyimalung Monastery is located in Bhutan
Nyimalung Monastery
Location within Bhutan
Geographic coordinates27°29′50″N 90°44′49″E / 27.49722°N 90.74694°E / 27.49722; 90.74694Coordinates: 27°29′50″N 90°44′49″E / 27.49722°N 90.74694°E / 27.49722; 90.74694
FounderDoring Trulku
Date established1938

Nyimalung Monastery is a Buddhist monastery in central Bhutan, not far from Prakhar. The monastery was founded by Doring Trulku in 1938, a lama who originally came from Dartesedo in Kham in eastern Tibet. The monastery underwent restoration in 2002. The monastery, home to around 100 monks is especially noted for its talented musicians and its large thangka, devoted by the Japanese, which attracts pilgrims to a festival in the 5th lunar month.[1]


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