Nukus District

Nukus District
Location of Nukus District in Qoraqalpog’iston.png
Country Uzbekistan
Autonomous RepublicKarakalpakstan
 • Total940 km2 (360 sq mi)
 • Total51,900
 • Density55/km2 (140/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+5 (UZT)

Nukus District (Uzbek: Nukus tumani, Karakalpak: Nókis rayonı) is a district of Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan. Population 41,890 (1989). The capital lies at the town Oqmangʻit.[1] The city of Nukus is not part of the district. Its area is 940 km2 (360 sq mi)[2] and it had 51,900 inhabitants in 2022.[3]

There are one town (Oqmangʻit) and six rural communities (Arbashi, Baqanshaqli, Kerder, Samanbay, Taqirkoʻl, Krantau).[1]

Largely an agricultural district, the Korakalpoktomat enterprise, active in the area uses drip irrigation methods in cotton growing. Due to this, the crop capacity reaches 70 centners per hectare, which is among the country's highest figures.


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Coordinates: 42°35′56″N 59°32′04″E / 42.59889°N 59.53444°E / 42.59889; 59.53444

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