Nuevas Ideas

New Ideas
Nuevas Ideas
AbbreviationN, NI
PresidentXavier Zablah Bukele
LeaderNayib Bukele
Founded25 October 2017; 5 years ago (2017-10-25)
Registered24 August 2018; 4 years ago (2018-08-24)
Split fromFarabundo Martí National Liberation Front
HeadquartersAv La Floresta No 21, San Salvador, El Salvador
Membership (2019)507,633[1]
Political positionCenter[4] to center-right[5]
Colours  Cyan
Seats in the Legislative Assembly
56 / 84
137 / 262
Seats in the PARLACEN
14 / 20
Heads of Departments
13 / 14
Party flag
Bandera Nuevas Ideas.svg

Nuevas Ideas (Spanish for New Ideas) is a Salvadoran populist political party founded on 25 October 2017 and based in San Salvador. It was founded by the current President of the Republic of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele. It was legalized by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) on 24 August 2018. Its first secretary general was Federico Gerardo Anliker and was later succeeded by Xavier Zablah Bukele.

It is defined, according to its statutes, as a "democratic, decentralized, plural, and inclusive political party without obsolete ideologies, but at the forefront of the struggle for the recognition of all rights for all citizens, without exclusion or privileges. Among its principles are: building a free El Salvador, defending diversity of thought, a free market and social economy, assuming political activity and the exercise of power as an act of commitment to the country."



After the then-Mayor of San Salvador Nayib Bukele was expelled from the FMLN on 10 October 2017, he announced on 25 October through his social networks the foundation of a citizen movement called "Nuevas Ideas", seeking for it to become a political party and thus allowing him to compete in the 2019 presidential elections under its banner. Ultimately, this did not materialize, and Bukele ran a successful one-time campaign under the Grand Alliance for National Unity.

By legal requirement, Bukele called on his supporters to go to the more than 90 signature collection centers throughout the country to support the creation of the political party. They managed to collect approximately 200,000 signatures in three days.

2021 elections

Bukele was exceptionally popular among the citizens as he pushed an anti-corruption agenda.[6] According to a survey, 96 percent of respondents said he was doing a "good" or "very good job." El Salvador's legislative elections was an important breakthrough in February 2021. Nuevas Ideas won around two-thirds of votes with its coalition (GANA–Nuevas Ideas). Nuevas Ideas won 56 of the 84 seats in parliament.[6]

2024 elections

On 15 September 2021, Bukele announced that was seeking reelection in the 2024 general election.[7]

Electoral history

Presidential elections

Election Candidate First round Second round Result
Votes % Votes %
2019 Nayib Bukele[a] 1,434,856
N/A Elected Green tickY

Legislative Assembly elections

Election Votes % Position Seats +/– Status in legislature
2021 1,655,219 66.32% Increase 1st
56 / 84
New Government

Municipal elections

Election Votes % Position Municipalities +/–
2021 1,342,968 50.78% Increase 1st
152 / 262

Central American parliamentary elections

Election Votes % Position Seats +/–
2021 1,693,551 68.11% Increase 1st
14 / 20

Presidents of El Salvador

No. President Term start Term end Term length Vice President
Nayib Bukele Nayib Bukele
(born 1981)
1 June 2019 Incumbent 3 years, 185 days Félix Ulloa



  1. ^ In the 2019 election, Bukele ran for president with the Grand Alliance for National Unity (GANA) as Nuevas Ideas had not yet been allowed to run presidential candidates by the Supreme Electoral Court.


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  • Vida, Melissa (4 June 2019). Amongst Salvadorans in the US, Opinion Is Split on Conservative New President Nayib Bukele. Remezcla.

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