Nir Hen

Nir Hen
נִיר חֵ"ן
نير حين
Etymology: Meadow of the 58
Nir Hen is located in Ashkelon region of Israel
Nir Hen
Nir Hen
Coordinates: 31°36′35″N 34°42′55″E / 31.60972°N 34.71528°E / 31.60972; 34.71528
AffiliationMoshavim Movement
Founded byJewish refugees from North Africa

Nir Hen (Hebrew: נִיר חֵ"ן, lit. Meadow of the 58 (ח"ן is 58 in Gematria)) is a moshav in south-central Israel. Located in Hevel Lakhish between Ashkelon and Kiryat Gat, it falls under the jurisdiction of Lakhish Regional Council. In 2021 it had a population of 578.[1]


The moshav was founded in 1956. Its name is in memory of the 58 passengers who traveled on El Al Flight 402 that was shot down over the skies of Bulgaria about a year before the community was founded. The community was originally settled by Jewish refugees from North Africa, and later other immigrants and native Israelis joined them.

Notable residents


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