Naila Art Gallery

Naila Art Gallery
معرض نايلا للفنون
LocationRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
Coordinates24°42′07.3″N 46°39′58.7″E / 24.702028°N 46.666306°E / 24.702028; 46.666306Coordinates: 24°42′07.3″N 46°39′58.7″E / 24.702028°N 46.666306°E / 24.702028; 46.666306
TypeArt gallery
WebsiteOfficial website

The Naila Art Gallery (Arabic: معرض نايلا للفنون) is an art gallery in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


The gallery was opened in 2012.[1]


The gallery regularly hosts various educational programs such as lectures, seminars and workshops.[1]

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