Mykolaivka, Mykolaivka settlement hromada, Berezivka Raion, Odesa Oblast

Urban-type settlement
Mykolaivka is located in Odesa Oblast
Mykolaivka is located in Ukraine
Coordinates: 47°32′20″N 30°45′10″E / 47.53889°N 30.75278°E / 47.53889; 30.75278Coordinates: 47°32′20″N 30°45′10″E / 47.53889°N 30.75278°E / 47.53889; 30.75278
Country Ukraine
Oblast Odesa Oblast
RaionBerezivka Raion
 • Total2,575
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Mykolaivka or Nikolaevka (Ukrainian: Миколаївка, Russian: Николаевка) is an urban-type settlement in the west of Odesa Oblast, Ukraine. Population: 2,575 (2022 est.).[1]

Mykolaivka is located on the banks of the Chychykleia River, a right tributary of the Southern Bug, at the border with Mykolaiv Oblast.


Mykolaivka was founded in 1791.[2][3] The area was settled after 1792, when the lands between the Southern Bug and the Dniester were transferred to Russia according to the Iasi Peace Treaty. Until mid-20th century, it was known as Mykolaivka Druha (Ukrainian: Миколаївка Друга, Russian: Николаевка Вторая).[2]



Mykolaivka has road access to the Highway M05 which connects Kyiv and Odesa.


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