Mount Mumpu

Mount Mumpu
Mumpu Welume
Highest point
Elevation1,893 m (6,211 ft)
Coordinates13°20′43″S 29°36′41″E / 13.34528°S 29.61139°E / -13.34528; 29.61139Coordinates: 13°20′43″S 29°36′41″E / 13.34528°S 29.61139°E / -13.34528; 29.61139
LocationCentral Province, Zambia

Mount Mumpu is the tallest free-standing mountain in Zambia at nearly 2,000 m (6,600 ft). It is regularly used by Chengelo Secondary School for expeditions run by the Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre. The Western ascent has a route through one of the largest bat caves in southern Africa.

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