Morag (moshav)

Hothouses in Morag.
Hothouses in Morag.
Etymology: Flail
Morag is located in the Gaza Strip
Coordinates: 31°18′30″N 34°17′17″E / 31.30833°N 34.28806°E / 31.30833; 34.28806
AffiliationHaPoel HaMizrahi

Morag (Hebrew: מוֹרַג, lit.'Flail') was a moshav and an Israeli settlement in Gush Katif, in the south-west edge of the Gaza Strip, evacuated in Israel's disengagement of 2005.


Morag, was the southernmost settlement in Gush Katif. It was first established on 29 May 1972, as a non-religious pioneer Nahal military outpost, and demilitarized when turned over to residential purposes in 1982.[1] It later became a religious agricultural worker cooperative, whose residents earned their living growing flowers and vegetables in hothouses.[citation needed] At the time of the evacuation, there were about forty families including about 200 people.[citation needed]

Unilateral disengagement

Sixteen families of Morag were evicted on August 17, 2005, by the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli Police. Others had left earlier following the government orders.[1][2]

Palestinian Plans

On the ruins of the former village, an Arab locality has been announced called Sheikh Khalifa City.[3] The site named after United Arab Emirates President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan due to his funding of the project.[4]


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