Miure Dam

Miure (Miura) Dam
Miure Dam lake survey.jpg
LocationNagano Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates35° 49' 27" N, 137° 23' 38" E
Construction began1932
Opening date1945
Dam and spillways
Width (crest)290m
Dam volume507 thousand m3
Total capacity62216 thousand m3
Catchment area73.4km2
Surface area280ha
Power Station
TurbinesGravity Hydropower

Miure (Miura) Dam is a dam in the Nagano Prefecture, Japan, completed in 1945.[1][2]


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  2. ^ It flows both ways: water and circulation in central Japan, Eric John Cunningham - Department of Anthropology, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Page 8, Takigoshi is also home to two hydro-electric dams (Miura and Otaki) owned by Kansai Denryoku, a company that produces electrical power to sell to cities in western Japan (Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto). In contrast to Makio Dam, these dams are largely unseen in the landscape and little thought about. Miura Dam, the larger of the two, sits beyond Takigoshi, out of sight, at the very back of the Otaki valley. Construction on the dam began in 1943 and was completed in just two years through the use of forced Chinese and Korean laborers purchased from the imperial government. Miura Dam was the last project of Fukuzawa Momosuke, a wealthy business man and politician who, as part of his ideology of ikkasen hitokaisha (one river for one company), had overseen the completion of dams all along the Kiso River. In addition to the dam itself, these laborers dug by hand a tunnel running from Miura Dam through the center of the mountains above the Otaki Valley to an electric generation station approximately thirty kilometers down canyon. The tunnel too is largely unseen and is used to transport water not only from Miura Dam, but also from each of the major mountain streams it intersects along the way.

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