Meadowvale Village, Mississauga

Aerial view of Meadowvale Village in 2023

Meadowvale Village (originally Meadowvale) is a preserved hamlet and neighbourhood in the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Its boundaries are Derry Road to the northwest, Creditview Road to the south, Mavis Road to the northeast, and Highway 401 to the southeast.

Notable places include:

  • Gooderham Estate - a Georgian manor house built by Charles Horace Gooderham and later became Rose Villa under John Watt
  • Credit Valley Conservation Area - on lands once home to Silverthorne Grist Mill


The village of Meadowvale was founded in 1836 and is Ontario's first heritage conservation district. Charles Horace Gooderham (1844-1904), son of the founder of Gooderham and Worts William Gooderham Sr., built his "country property" Georgian manor at what is now 929 Old Derry Road in northern Mississauga in 1870 as he was sent there to manage Silverthorne Grist Mill acquired by his family firm.[1][2] Gooderham's mansion was sold in 1884 when the family Gooderham and Worts left the area and was later sold to in 1895 John Watt. After successive owners, the home was re-purposed for other uses and after abandonment it became home to the present day Rotherglen School's Meadowvale Campus in 1996.[3] The population growth increased after Gooderham built his property. In 1968, Meadowvale Village, then part of Toronto Township, became part of the Town of Mississauga.[4]

Modern Meadowvale Village

Today the area is now well-populated, culturally diverse, and contains mostly single-family dwellings.[5] Meadowvale Village has four schools: three with the Peel public board or Peel Catholic board, one Montessori. There is some commercial activity; mainly along Old Derry Road. The Credit Valley Conservation Area and Credit River pass through the area. Roads include Old Derry Road, John Watt Boulevard, Gooderham Estates Boulevard, Silverthorn Mill Avenue, and Second Line West. There are extant ruins of the abutments for a bridge of the Toronto-Guelph Suburban Line, where it once crossed a canal for a mill.[6]


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