Maimay District

Maimay District
ولسوالی مایمی
Jamarj-e Bala, the capital of Maimay
Jamarj-e Bala, the capital of Maimay
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Maimay District is located in Afghanistan
Maimay District
Maimay District
Maimay District Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 38°16′50″N 71°19′28″E / 38.28056°N 71.32444°E / 38.28056; 71.32444Coordinates: 38°16′50″N 71°19′28″E / 38.28056°N 71.32444°E / 38.28056; 71.32444
Country Afghanistan
 • Total29,893
Time zone+ 4:30

Maimay (Dari: مایمی), also known as Darwaz-e Payin,[2] or simply Darwaz,[3] is a district in Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan. It was created in 2005 from part of Darwaz District. It is home to approximately 29,893 residents. Maimay borders the Kuf Ab, Raghistan, Shighnnan, and Nusay districts, along with some districts in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province, Tajikistan, including Vanj, Rushon, and Shughnon. The district was historically part of the Darwaz principality, a semi-independent statelet ruled by a mir.[4]

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Friendship Bridge between  Afghanistan and  Tajikistan In vanj region's and Maimay.

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