Lucifer Dékou-Dékou Biological Reserve

Lucifer Dékou-Dékou Biological Reserve
Map showing the location of Lucifer Dékou-Dékou Biological Reserve
Map showing the location of Lucifer Dékou-Dékou Biological Reserve
LocationFrench Guiana, France
Nearest citySaint-Laurent-du-Maroni
Coordinates4°38′42″N 53°56′15″W / 4.6450°N 53.9375°W / 4.6450; -53.9375Coordinates: 4°38′42″N 53°56′15″W / 4.6450°N 53.9375°W / 4.6450; -53.9375
Area643.73 km2 (248.55 sq mi)[1]
Established11 December 1995[2]
Governing bodyNational Forests Office

The Lucifer Dékou-Dékou Biological Reserve (French: Réserve biologique intégrale de Lucifer Dékou Dékou) is a wilderness area in French Guiana, France. The reserve is located in the communes of Apatou and Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. It is the largest wilderness area of France, and consists of two separate parts, two mountain ranges covered in tropical rainforest; to the north are the Lucifer Mountains, to the south are the Dékou-Dékou Mountains [fr].[3] Controversially, the Montagne d'Or mine, the biggest mining project in France, is located in between the two ranges.[4][5][6]


The Dékou-Dékou Mountains form an east–west ridge consisting of two plateaus separated by a little hill. The mountains rises to 565 metres (1,854 ft). The northern side is a moderate slope with numerous ravines. The southern side is a steep drop.[7] The forests on the slopes are interrupted by bamboo and grass plains.[8]

The Lucifer Mountains rise to more than 500 metres (1,600 ft), and form a vast plateau covered in forests which are home to many rare species.[3]

The wilderness area is home to a great variety of birds. 272 species have been identified and include the golden-olive woodpecker, the white bellbird and the blue-backed tanager. Two endemic species to the Guiana Shield are the sharpbill and the sooty-headed tyrannulet.[3]

On 27 July 2012, Lucifer Dékou-Dékou became a protected area.[9]

Gold mining

The Montage d'Or mine located between the wilderness area marked in cyan

Gold mining in the area started in 1875 when Paul Isnard discovered gold.[5] Between 1996 and 1999, Columbus Gold, as of 2020 known as Orea Mining Corporation, started to explore the area.[10]

Montagne d'Or mine, a massive gold mining project covering 190 square kilometres (73 sq mi) was developed, and is the biggest mining project in France.[4][6] The project is considered controversial, and has resulted in protests by environmental groups. Emmanuel Macron distanced himself from the project in 2019,[11] however the battle has moved to the courts, and is as of February 2021 ongoing.[12] The debate about whether the project can continue, has attracted garimpeiros, illegal gold miners, to the area.[5]

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