Loutros, Cyprus

Loutros is located in Cyprus
Coordinates: 35°08′45″N 32°44′47″E / 35.14583°N 32.74639°E / 35.14583; 32.74639
Country (de jure) Cyprus
 • DistrictNicosia District
Country (de facto) Northern Cyprus[1]
 • DistrictLefke District
 • Total93
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Loutros (Greek: Λουτρός; Turkish: Bademliköy) is a small village located in the Nicosia District of Cyprus, west of the town of Karavostasi. De facto, it is under the control of Northern Cyprus.

Loutros was originally inhabited by Greek Cypriots; they all fled during the 1974 Turkish invasion. The village was reinhabited in the late 1970s by Turkish Cypriots from Xerovounos, and a small number of Turks from Turkey and displaced Turkish Cypriots from Terra and Mandria.[3]


  1. ^ In 1983, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus unilaterally declared independence from the Republic of Cyprus. The de facto state is not recognised by any UN state except Turkey.
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