List of rivers of Belize

Rivers of Belize / rivers of Strahler orders 4 and 5 labelled / via WWF and Natural Earth base maps

These are the main rivers of Belize. Belize has a total of 35 major and minor river catchments or watersheds which drain into the Caribbean Sea.


Name District Parent
Belize River BZ, CY Caribbean Sea
Barton Creek CY Belize River
Beaver Dam Creek CY Belize River
Billy White Creek CY Belize River
Black Creek BZ Belize River
Cadena Creek CY Belize River
Cut and Throwaway Creek CY Belize River
Iguana Creek CY Belize River
Santa Teresa Creek CY Iguana Creek
Jinny Creek CY Belize River
Labouring Creek CY Belize River
Freshwater Creek CY Labouring Creek
Yalbac Creek CY Labouring Creek
Pescado Creek CY Yalbac Creek
Tu-tu Creek CY Pescado Creek
Little Barton Creek CY Belize River
Macal River CY Belize River
Blossom Berry Creek CY Macal River
Cacao Camp Creek CY Macal River
Eastern Branch CY Macal River
Garbutt Creek CY Macal River
Mahogany Creek CY Macal River
Mengel Creek CY Macal River
Mollejon Creek CY Macal River
Monkey Trail Branch CY Macal River
Raspaculo CY Macal River
Rio Frio CY Macal River
Rainbow Creek CY Rio Frio
Rio On CY Macal River
Pinol Creek CY Rio On
Privassion Creek CY Rio On
Little Vaqueros Creek CY Privassion Creek
Oak Burn CY Privassion Creek
Slate Creek CY Macal River
Mopan River CY Belize River
Chiquibul River CY Mopan River
Rio Ceiba Grande CY Mopan River
Mussel Creek BZ Belize River
Cox Lagoon Creek BZ Mussel Creek
Pescado Creek CY Belize River
Quaco Creek CY Belize River
Roaring Creek CY Belize River
Red Creek CY Roaring Creek
Spring Creek CY Roaring Creek
Rock Dondo Creek CY Belize River
Saturday Creek CY Belize River
Spanish Creek BZ Belize River
Tu-tu Creek CY Belize River
Yalbac Creek CY Belize River
New River CZL, OW Corozal Bay
Coffin Gate Creek OW New River
Dawson Creek OW New River
Irish Creek OW New River
Ramgoat Creek OW New River
Northern River BZ Caribbean Sea
Lopez Creek BZ Northern River
Quashie Banner Creek BZ Northern River
Rio Hondo CZL, OW Bahia de Chetumal
Blue Creek OW Rio Hondo
Booth's River OW Rio Hondo
Chan Chich Creek OW Rio Hondo
Gold Button Creek OW Rio Hondo
La Palma Rio Hondo
Rio Bravo OW Rio Hondo
Sibun River BZ, CY Caribbean Sea
Boom Creek BZ Sibun River
Caves Branch River CY Sibun River
Hector Creek BZ Sibun River
Indian Creek CY Sibun River
Runaway Creek CY Sibun River
Silver Creek CY Sibun River
Yaha Creek CY Sibun River


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