List of political parties in Uzbekistan

This article lists political parties in Uzbekistan, a post-Soviet nation dominated by the supporters of the President of Uzbekistan. Despite small reforms and openness in the 2010s, no true opposition parties are allowed and every registered party supports the incumbent president and former prime minister Shavkat Mirziyoyev as well as the founder of the Republic of Uzbekistan and former president Islam Karimov.[1]

Parliamentary parties

Political party Founded Leader Ideology Political position Deputies Senators
Logo of the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party.svg UzLiDeP
Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party
Oʻzbekiston Liberal Demokratik Partiyasi
2003 Abdulla Aripov Economic liberalism Centre-right
53 / 150
41 / 100
Uzbekistan National Revival Democratic Party
Oʻzbekiston “Milliy Tiklanish” Demokratik Partiyasi
1995 Alisher Qodirov National conservatism Right-wing
36 / 150
0 / 100
ASDP Justice Social Democratic Party
Adolat Sotsial Demokratik Partiyasi
1995 Bahrom Abdukhalimov Social democracy Centre-left
24 / 150
0 / 100
Logo of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (2021).svg PDP
People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan
O'zbekistan Xalq Demokratik Partiyasi
1991 Ulugbek Inoyatov Social democracy Centre-left
22 / 150
28 / 100
Logo of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan (2021).svg EPU
Ecological Party of Uzbekistan
O'zbekiston ekologik partiyasi
2008 Narzullo Oblomuradov Green politics Centre[citation needed]
15 / 150
0 / 100
  • United Nations 2016

Banned parties

Former parties

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