List of churches, chapels and meeting halls in the Channel Islands

This is a list of churches, chapels and meeting halls in the Channel Islands

First millennium

The Hermitage of Saint Helier

Although there are indications that missionary efforts created small places of Christian worship in various places in the islands before 450 A.D.[1]: 29  the first proper evidence of Christianity is recorded as coming to the Islands around 520 A.D. when Samson of Dol visited Guernsey and in 540 A.D. when Helier arrived in Jersey, living as a hermit until he was killed by pirates.[2]: 65 

The "pirates" grew in strength. In 911 A.D., a group of "pirates", or Vikings led by Rollo besieged Paris and Chartres. After a victory near Chartres on 26 August, Charles the Simple decided to negotiate with Rollo, resulting in the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte. For the Vikings' loyalty, they were granted all the land between the river Epte and the sea, as well as Brittany, which at the time was an independent country which France had unsuccessfully tried to conquer. Rollo also agreed to be baptised and to marry Charles' daughter, Gisela. The land would become known as "Normandy", the land of the North Men and included "Les Îles d'la Manche" or the Channel Islands. Religion was strengthened with the arrival and conversion of the Normans to Christianity, in the 10th Century.[3]

Second millennium

There were many churches built by the Normans in the 11th and 12th centuries, many on top of previous chapels which were themselves alongside pagan places of worship,[1]: 53–55  the islands being divided up into parishes in the 11th Century and land areas granted by endowment to French-based religious centres, Mont Saint Michel Abbey received four and Marmoutier Abbey, Tours six from Guernsey, Cerisy-la-Forêt acquired two in Jersey, but most other Jersey parishes were scattered amongst other people and institutions.[1]: 53 

The Islands embraced the French Calvinist form of Protestantism during the Reformation Roman Catholicism continued until orders were received to remove all signs of Catholicism in 1547. A brief return to Catholicism saw the three women turned into martyrs before another turn, back to the Protestant faith and a fear of France and Catholics.[4]: 95  Methodism took a stronghold at the end of the 18th Century.[3]

Little Chapel, Guernsey

The Little Chapel in Guernsey has been said that it "is the smallest functioning chapel in Europe, if not the world", and it is "believed to be the world’s smallest consecrated church."[5][6]

At least three churches in Guernsey have pre history carved stones, the most famous being La Gran'mère du Chimquière.[7] In Jersey, at La Hougue Bie a 12th Century chapel was built on a Neolithic ritual site which was in use around 3500 BC. In Western Europe, it is one of the largest and best preserved passage graves.[8] Several churches, including Castel Church, Guernsey, have been built using materials dating back to the Roman Empire.[citation needed] St Saviour Church in Guernsey has a number of tunnels running underneath, built by the Organisation Todt for Nazi Germany in the 1940s.[9]

The historic toleration of religious minorities has led to many persecuted minorities seeking refuge in the Islands, such as Huguenots from 1548.[10] The influx of the Protestant refugees led to Calvinism becoming the main religion, forcing a break from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Coutances in 1568 to the Bishop of Winchester. Religion became strictly enforced with physical punishments (whippings, stocks, imprisonment) and torture to get confessions for Channel Islands Witch Trials for 100 years, ending only with the Act of Uniformity 1662 of Charles II of England.[11]: 153  In the English Civil War Guernsey, with stronger puritanical sympathies supported Parliament whereas Jersey was happy to restore episcopalian constitutions, siding with the Royalists.[12]

A famous refugee Guernsey in 1855 was Victor Hugo who increasingly expressed anti-Catholic and anti-clerical views. Hugo counted 740 attacks on a book he wrote whilst in Guernsey, Les Misérables in the Catholic press.[13] The last major act of non-toleration goes back to 1556, with the Guernsey Martyrs who died for their Protestant faith. The Island's toleration has left a rich legacy of churches, chapels and places of worship.

The maintenance of Parish churches was, before the Reformation, the responsibility of the Catholic church. To avoid the English Crown taking over responsibility as successor, Charles II in 1677 instructed the Guernsey churchwardens to raise monies from the parishioners.[14]

In 1893 a religious census was undertaken in Guernsey showing around 50% of the population attended:[15]: 194 

Third millennium

2010 breakdown of followers in the Channel Islands:[16]

In 2022 the Anglican churches moved from under Winchester, where they had been for 500 years, to the Diocese of Salisbury.[17]


  • Anglicanism - The Deanery of Guernsey of the Church of England comes under the Diocese of Salisbury, but until 2015 was under the Diocese of Winchester.
  • Baptists - The Baptist Christian faith has been practised in Guernsey for over 200 years.[18]
  • Church of Scotland - The Church has very few churches outside Scotland, but both Guernsey and Jersey have Kirks. They were established, partly to cater for the Scottish soldiers who regularly provided garrison duties.
  • Elim Pentecostal Church - For over 100 years there has been a Pentecostal Church in the Islands, with Elim expanding in the 1930s.
  • Evangelicalism – Auxiliary Associations existed in Gernsey and Jersey in 1814 [19]
  • Greater World Christian Spiritualism – held its first service in Jersey in 1935.
  • Islam There are no mosques or meeting places in Guernsey, Jersey has a meeting house.[20]
  • Judaism - Jews first established a synagogue in Saint Helier in 1843.[21]
  • Jehovah's Witnesses – Two English congregations and one Portuguese group in Guernsey. Three English congregations and one Portuguese congregation in Jersey.
  • Methodism - Methodism reached Jersey in 1774.[22] The first Methodist minister in Jersey was appointed in 1783, and John Wesley preached in Guernsey in 1787 and in Jersey in August 1789. The first Wesleyan chapel was built in Guernsey in 1788 opposite the Royal Court. Channel Islands District of the Methodist Church [2]: 356 
  • Newfrontiers – A network of evangelical charismatic churches. Represented in Guernsey
  • Portuguese Christian Mission – Established in Jersey in 2009 to cater for the Portuguese Protestant community
  • Quakers - The Religious Society of Friends believed to have been active in Jersey around 1660.[23] Recognised in the Island in 1742. In Guernsey they formed a society in 1782.
  • Roman Catholic - The Catholic parishes in the Channel Islands, along with the Isle of Wight, are part of the English Diocese of Portsmouth.
  • Salvation Army - Founded in Jersey in 1879 and in Guernsey in 1881 and in Alderney in 1882. The Army's founders, Catherine and William Booth, had visited Guernsey in 1855 shortly after their marriage and preached. Marie Ozanne died for her beliefs in Guernsey in 1943.[24]
  • United Reformed Church was formed in 1972 when the Presbyterian Church of England and the Congregational Church of England came together. Presbyterian churches have served the Islands for over 100 years.[25]
  • Zion Christian Fellowship – Founded in Guernsey in 1988.

List of Buildings

This list is incomplete. Please feel free to expand it.

Name Parish/Place Island Date/Era Denomination Website Listed Building
Alderney Methodist Church [26]: 19  St Anne Alderney 1813 Methodist Alderney
Alderney Salvation Army St Anne Alderney 1882 Salvation Army Alderney SA
All Saints St Helier Jersey 1835 Anglican All Saints P LB
Belmont Gospel Hall St Helier Jersey
Bethesda Strict Baptist Church Forest Guernsey 1904 Baptist
Bethesda Methodist Church [27] St Peter Jersey 1867 Methodist Bethesda LB 4
Bethlehem Church [27] St Mary Jersey 1828 Methodist Bethlehem LB 3
Bordeaux Methodist Church [26]: 219  Vale Guernsey Methodist Bordeaux
Chapelle Notre Dame Chausey Chausey 1850 Roman Catholic [1]
Church on the Rock St Sampson Guernsey 20C Newground Rock
Cobo Mission Hall Castel Guernsey Brethren (Evangelical) Cobo Mission Hall
Delancey Elim St Sampson Guernsey 20C Elim Delancey Elim
Delisles Methodist Church Castel Guernsey 1919 Methodist Delisles
Ebenezer Church [27] Trinity Jersey 1892 Methodist Ebenezer
Eldad Elim St Peter Port Guernsey 1936 Elim Eldad Elim
Elim Rock St Saviour Jersey Elim Elim Rock
Fishermen's Chapel St Brelade Jersey 11C Anglican Fishermans Chapel
Forest United Methodist Church Forest Guernsey Methodist Forest United
Fortress (The) Vale Guernsey 1976 Salvation Army Salvation Army
Freedom Centre St Helier Jersey Evangelical Freedom Centre
Friends Meeting House St Helier Jersey 1872 Quakers Friends
Galaad Methodist Church [26]: 220  Castel Guernsey 1926 Methodist Galaad
Georgetown Methodict Church [27] St Saviour Jersey 1873 Methodist Georgetown LB 3
Greater World Christian Spiritualism St Helier Jersey 1938 Greater World Christian Spiritualism Greater World
Guernsey Quaker Meeting House St Peter Port Guernsey Quakers Quakers
Holy Trinity Church St Peter Port Guernsey 1789 Anglican Holy Trinity PB
Islamic Community Centre St Helier Jersey Islam Islamic Trust
Jersey Baptist Church St Helier Jersey 1864 Baptist Jersey Baptist LB 3
Jersey Jewish Congregation St Brelade Jersey 1961 Jewish Jersey Jewish
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses St Sampson Guernsey Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses St Brelade Jersey 1985 Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses St Helier Jersey Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses
Kings Barn Mission Hall Castel Guernsey Evangelical Free Church Kings Barn Mission Hall
La Rocque Methodist Church [27] Grouville Jersey 1838 Methodist La Rocques LB 3
La Villiaze Church St Andrew Guernsey Evangelical Congregational La Villiaze
Les Adams Methodist Church [26]: 220  St Peter Guernsey Methodist Les Adams
Les Camps Methodist Church [26]: 220  St Martin Guernsey Methodist Les Camps
Les Capelles Methodist Church[28] St Sampson Guernsey 1817 Methodist Les Capelles
Lighthouse Christian Church St Helier Jersey Evangelical lighthouse
Little Chapel[29] St Andrew Guernsey 1914 Interdenominational Little Chapel
Monnaie Chapel (The Chapel of Christ the Healer) St Andrew Guernsey Christian Healing
New Life Church St Saviour Guernsey 1992 FIEC New Life Church
Notre Dame Du Rosaire St Peter Port Guernsey 1829 Roman Catholic Notre Dame
Our Lady of the Annunciation St Martin Jersey 1863 Roman Catholic Our Lady Annunciation
Our Lady Star of the Sea, Delancey St Sampson Guernsey 1879 Roman Catholic Our Lady Star
Philadelphie Church [27] St Peter Jersey 1825 Methodist Philadelphie LB 3
Quennevais Evangelical Church St Brelade Jersey Evangelical Quennevais
Rohais Methodist Church [26]: 219  St Andrew Guernsey 1919 Methodist Rohais
St Andrew's Church St Helier Jersey 1926 Anglican St Andrew’s P LB
St Andrews de la Pommeraye
(St Andrew's Church) [30]
St Andrew Guernsey 1284 Anglican St Andrew's PB
St Andrews in the Grange Kirk St Peter Port Guernsey 1897 Church of Scotland St Andrews Kirk
St Anne St Anne Alderney 1850 Anglican St Anne
St Anne and St Mary Magdalen St Anne Alderney Roman Catholic
St Apolline's Chapel St Saviour Guernsey 14C Interdenominational PB
St Aubin on the Hill Saint Aubin Jersey 1889 Anglican St Aubin P LB
St Aubin Methodist Church [27] St Aubin Jersey 1817 Methodist St Aubin Methodist LB 3
St Bernadette St Brelade Jersey 1971 Roman Catholic St Bernadette
St Brelade's[31][32] St Brelade Jersey 1111 Anglican St Brelade’s P LB
St Clement[31][32] St Clement Jersey 1117 Anglican P LB
St Columba Kirk St Helier Jersey 1857 Church of Scotland St Columba LB 2
St George's St Ouen Jersey 1880 Anglican St George’s P LB
St Helier[31][32] St Helier Jersey 1341 Anglican LB
St Helier Citadel St Helier Jersey The Salvation Army Salvation Army
St Helier Methodist Centre [27] St Helier Jersey 1846
Methodist The Centre LB 2
St John [31][32] St John Jersey 1204 Anglican LB
St John the Evangelist St Peter Port Guernsey 1839 Anglican
St Joseph & St Mary St Peter Port Guernsey 1846 Roman Catholic St Joseph & St Mary PB
St Lawrence [31][32] St Lawrence Jersey 1190 Anglican P LB
St Luke St Helier Jersey 1848 Anglican St Luke P LB
St Marguerite de la Foret
(Forest Church) [30]
Forest Guernsey 13C Anglican PB
St Marie du Castel
(Castel Church) [30]
Castel Guernsey 1203 Anglican Castel PB
St Mark's St Helier Jersey Anglican P LB
Saint Martin de Grouville[31][32]
(Grouville Church)
Grouville Jersey 1322 Anglican Grouville P LB
St Martin de Gouray [31][32] St Martin Jersey 1116 Anglican St Martin de Gouray P LB
St Martin de la Bellouse
(St Martins Church) [30]
St Martin Guernsey 1199 Anglican St Martin PB
St Martin's Methodist Church [27] St Martin Jersey 1851 Methodist St Martin’s Methodist LB 3
St. Martin's Mission [26]: 220  St Martin Guernsey 1906 Methodist
St Mary [31][32] St Mary Jersey 1320 Anglican St Mary P LB
St Mary & St Peter St Helier Jersey 1985 Roman Catholic St Mary & St Peter LB 3
St Matthew's (Glass Church) St Lawrence Jersey 1840 Anglican LB
St Matthew's Castel Guernsey 1852 Anglican St Matthew’s
St Matthieu's Church St Peter Jersey 1871 Roman Catholic St Matthieu LB 3
St Michel du Valle
(Vale Church) [30]
Vale Guernsey 1117 Anglican Vale PB
St Ouen [31][32] St Ouen Jersey 1130 Anglican St Ouen P LB
St Ouen Methodist Church [27] St Ouen Jersey 1871 Methodist LB 2
St. Patrick's Church St Clement Jersey 1948 Roman Catholic St Patrick
St Paul St Helier Jersey 1818 Portuguese Christian Mission St Paul’s P LB
St. Paul's Methodist Church Vale Guernsey Methodist St Paul’s
St Peter la Rocque
Grouville Jersey 1852 Anglican St Peter la Rocque
St Peter Port (Town Church)[30] St Peter Port Guernsey 1312 Anglican St Peter Port PB
St Peter's [31][32] St Peter Jersey 1167 Anglican St Peter P LB
St Peter's Church[33] Sark Sark 1820 Anglican St Peter's, Sark
St Pierre du Bois
(St Peter's Church) [30]
St Peter Guernsey 1167 Anglican St Pierre du Bois PB
St Phillipe de Torteval
(Torteval Church) [30]
Torteval Guernsey 1818 Anglican PB
St Sampson [30][34]: 126  St Sampson Guernsey 1111 Anglican PB
St Sauveur
(St Saviours's Church) [30]
St Saviour Guernsey 1154 Anglican St Saviour PB
St Saviour [31][32] St Saviour Jersey 1154 Anglican P LB
St Simon St Helier Jersey 1865 Anglican P LB
St Stephen's St Peter Port Guernsey 1865 Anglican St Stephen's PB
St Thomas’ Church St Helier Jersey 1885 Roman Catholic St Thomas P LB
St Tugual's Chapel Herm Herm 11C Non-denominational
Sacred Heart St Aubin Jersey 1936 Roman Catholic Sacred Heart P LB
Samarès Methodist Church [27] St Clement Jersey 1903 Methodist Samares LB 4
Sark Methodist Church [26]: 22  Sark Sark 1797 Methodist Sark Wesleyan
Shiloh Church Vale Guernsey Baptist Shiloh
Sion URC St John Jersey 1809 United Reformed Church URC Jersey LB 1
Spurgeon Baptist Church St Peter Port Guernsey 1888 Baptist Spurgeon
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints St Mary Jersey The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Torteval Methodist Church [28] Torteval Guernsey 1834 Methodist Torteval
Trinity Church (Holy) [31][32] Trinity Jersey 1163 Anglican Holy Trinity P LB
Vazon Elim Pentecostal Castel Guernsey 1911 Elim Vazon Elim
Wesley Chapel [28] St Peter Port Guernsey 1835 [Methodist] Wesley
  • LB (Jersey Listed Building) with grade [35]
  • P LB (Jersey Potential Listed Building) [35]
  • PB (Guernsey Protected Building) [36]

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