List of Rijksmonuments

This is a list of the more notable Rijksmonuments (national heritage sites) in the Netherlands. The list is sorted by province. There are over 60,000 Rijksmonuments in the Rijksmonumentenregister (national heritage register).

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Rijksmonument Type Location Description Photo

North Brabant

Rijksmonument Location Type Description Photo
Aalstermolen Aalst Windmill Tower mill built in 1936. Aalst - Aalstermolen achter gesloten hek.jpg
Croy Castle Aarle-Rixtel Castle C15th castle. CroyCastleTheNetherlands.jpg
Gertrudiskerk Bergen op Zoom Church C14th and later church Bergen op Zoom, toren van de Sint Gertrudiskerk RM9116 foto4 2015-05-24 11.23.jpg
Breda Castle Breda Castle C15th castle. Breda kasteel.jpg
Grote Kerk Breda Church C15th church Breda, de Grote of Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk RM10305 foto8 2014-12-28 10.30.jpg
Koepelgevangenis Breda Prison Prison built in 1886 P1010275copyKoepelgevangenis Breda.jpg
Annemie Eindhoven Windmill Tower mill built in 1891. Acht - Molen Annemie.jpg
John S. Thompsonbrug Grave / Nederasselt Bridge Bridge built in 1929. 2006-05-17 13.37 Grave, brug over de Maas.JPG
Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven Museum Museum established in 1936. Eindhovenvanabbe06.jpg
Nemerlaer Castle Haaren Castle C14th castle. KasteelNemerlaer.jpg
Heeswijk Castle Heeswijk Castle C11th castle. Kasteel Heeswijk 01.JPG
Heeze Castle Heeze Castle C17th castle Heeze001.JPG
De Adriaan Meerveldhoven Windmill Tower mill built in 1906. Molen De Adriaan Veldhoven.jpg
Post mill Rosmalen Molenhoek Windmill Post mill built in 1732 Standerd molen rosmalen.jpg
Molen van Aerden Nispen Windmill Tower mill built in 1850. Nispen - Molen Van Aerden.jpg
St. Paul's Abbey Oosterhout Abbey C20th abbey. Sint-Paulusabdij P1050105.JPG
Watermill at Opwetten Watermill Opwetten C18th corn, fulling, oil and saw mill Opwettense-watermolen.jpg
Oudenbosch Basilica Oudenbosch Church C19th church. Oudenbosch Basilica03.JPG
Saint Lambertchurch Rosmalen Church C14th and later church Sint-Lambertuskerk Rosmalen 2008.JPG
Aan de Pegstukken Windmill Schijndel Tower mill built in 1845 Schijndel molen Aan de Pegstukken.jpg
St. John's Cathedral 's-Hertogenbosch Cathedral C13th-C16th cathedral. Sint-Jans-Hertogenbosch.jpg
De Toonzaal 's-Hertogensbosch Synagogue Synagogue built in 1823 's-Hertogenbosch Rijksmonument 333500 Synagoge Prins Bernhardstraat 4 (bij 8).JPG
Assumburg Steenbergen Windmill Smock mill built in 1897. Nieuw-Vossemeer molen Assumburg.jpg
De Arend Terheijden Windmill Tower mill built in 1742. Terheijden molen De Arend met zeilen.jpg
Watermill at Kollen 't Koll Watermill Watermill built in 1681 Collse Watermolen zuidkant.jpg
De Arend Wouw Windmill Tower mill built in 1825 Wouw - molen De Arend.jpg
De Akkermolen Zundert Windmill Post mill built c.1605. De Akkermolen te Zundert schuin van voren gefotografeerd - Zundert - 20361446 - RCE.jpg

North Holland

Rijksmonument Type Location Description Photo
American Hotel Hotel Amsterdam A hotel built in 1900. Americanhotel1902.jpg
Centraal Station Railway station Amsterdam The main railway station in Amsterdam. Built in 1889. 1283-Amsterdam(centraal station).jpg
Astoria Offices Amsterdam An Art Nouveau office block built in 1905. Astoria Amsterdam 1.jpg
Castle Brederode Castle Santpoort-Zuid A castle built by the Lords of Brederode in the second half of the 13th century. Castle-Brederode-1.jpg
De Duif Church Amsterdam A Roman Catholic church built in 1858. Amsterdamdeduif.jpg
De Krijtberg Church Amsterdam A Roman Catholic church built in 1883. Amsterdamkrijtberg.jpg
De Schoolmeester
No. 40013
Windmill Westzaan A smock mill built in 1692, restored to working order. It is the only surviving wind powered paper mill in the world. Westzaan - De Schoolmeester vanaf het water.jpg
Hollandsche Manege Riding school Amsterdam Offices, accommodation and stables built in 1883. Hollandsche Manege, Vondelstraat, Amsterdam.jpg
Lange Jaap Lighthouse Huisduinen A cast iron lighthouse built in 1878 Vuurtoren-Huisduinen.jpg
Muiderslot Castle Muiden A castle build by Floris V, to guard the mouth of the river Vecht. Muiderslot by Edi Weissmann.jpg
Museum De Cruquius Pumping station Cruquius A steam powered pumping station built c. 1850. Houses the largest stationary steam engine (a beam engine) in the world. Also a World Heritage Site. Kruik 3.JPG
Nieuwe Kerk Church Amsterdam A church dating from the 15th century. Used for Royal Inaugurations and Royal Weddings. Also used as an exhibition venue and for organ recitals. Amsterdamnieuwekerk.jpg
Noorderkerk Church Amsterdam A Protestant church built in the 1620s. Nokerk2.jpg
Olympisch Stadion Stadium Amsterdam A stadium built for the 1928 Summer Olympics and later used by AFC Ajax until 1996. Olympic Stadium Amsterdam 1928.jpg
Onderlinge van 1719 u.a. Offices Haarlem Residential building from 1870. Good example of Eclectic style by architect A. van der Steur. Seat of an insurance firm established in 1719 Begrafenis Bos - De Vrijwillige 513352 Haarlem.jpg
Oost-Indisch Huis Offices Amsterdam An early 17th-century office block. Former headquarters of the Dutch East India Company. VOC-huis.jpg
Oosterkerk Church Amsterdam A former Protestant church built between 1669 and 1671. Ookerk1.jpg
Oude Kerk Church Amsterdam A former Roman Catholic and current Protestant church. It was consecrated in 1306. The oldest parish church in Amsterdam. Okerk2.jpg
Portugees-Israëlietische Synagoge Synagogue Amsterdam A synagogue built in 1671. EsnogaAmsterdam.jpg
Koninklijk Paleis
Paleis op de Dam
Palace Amsterdam Originally built as the City Hall in 1655. first used as a Royal Palace by Konig Louis I and still used as such by the current monarch. Dampaleis.jpg
Smedestraat 33 Doorway Haarlem The doorway's brickwork, including a round false window, is from the second half of the 17th century. RM19695 Haarlem - Smedestraat 33 (poort).jpg
Stadsschouwburg Theatre Amsterdam A theatre built between 1892 and 1894. Former home of De Nederlandse Opera. Schouwb1.jpg
Statue of Jan Pieterszoon Coen Statue Hoorn Statue of Jan Pieterszoon Coen, made in 1887, placed in 1893. Jan Pieterszoon Coen statue.jpg
Stoomgemaal Vier Noorder Koggen Pumping station Medemblik Steam powered pumping station near the city of Medemblik. Build in 1869 and expanded in 1907, to obsolete 25 windmills. Medemblik - Stoomgemaal Vier Noorder Koggen.jpg
Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk Church Alkmaar A gothic church dedicated to St. Lawrence, now a Protestant church. Contains the tomb of Floris V, Count of Holland. P1020851Grote kerk.JPG
Vondelpark Urban park Amsterdam A public park established in 1865 and extended in 1877. Vondelpark.jpg
Westerkerk Church Amsterdam A Protestant church built between 1620 and 1633. Burial place of Rembrandt. Amsterdam west kerk2.jpg
Zuiderkerk Church Amsterdam A former Protestant church built between 1603 and 1611. In use as a church until 1970, now an information centre. Kerkadam.JPG


Rijksmonument Type Location Description Photo
Lebuïnuskerk Church Deventer A former Gothic cathedral. Lebuïnuskerk Deventer.JPG
Deventer Station Railway station Deventer A railway station built in 1865. Deventer Stationsgebouw.JPG
Tuinen Mien Ruys Complex of gardens. Dedemsvaart 25 gardens by Mien Ruys Overzicht van de hoektuin uit 1999 - Dedemsvaart - 20351808 - RCE.jpg
Great Synagogue Synagogue Deventer A Neorenaissance synagogue from the 19th century. Voormalige synagoge in Deventer.jpg
Sint-Nicolaas- of Bergkerk Church Deventer A former Romanesque church from the 13th century. Bergkerk Deventer vanuit Bergstraat.jpg

South Holland

Rijksmonument Type Location Description Photo
Feijenoord Stadion Stadium Rotterdam A sports stadium completed in 1937, home to Feyenoord football club. StadionFeyenoord.jpg
Groothandelsgebouw Offices Rotterdam An office block completed in 1953, one of the first major buildings built in Rotterdam after the Second World War. Rotterdam groothandelsgebouw.jpg
Het Slaakhuis Offices Rotterdam An office block built in 1955. Former headquarters of newspaper Het Vrije Volk and now used as a squat. Rotterdam slaakhuis.jpg
Lijnbaan Street Rotterdam The main shopping street in Rotterdam, opened in 1953. Lijnbaan.jpg
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam An art museum established in 1847. Houses the collections of Frans Jacob Otto Boijmans and Daniël George van Beuningen. Rotterdam museum boijmans.jpg
Pelgrimvaderskerk Church Rotterdam A former Roman Catholic and current Protestant church. Established in 1417. The current building dates from 1671. Rotterdam pelgrimskerk.jpg
Van Nellefabriek Factory Rotterdam A former factory in the Nieuwe Bouwen style. Built between 1927 and 1929, it is currently used as offices. Under consideration for World Heritage Site status. Rotterdam van nelle fabriek.jpg
Vrouwekerk Church Leiden The ruins of a Walloon church dating to 1406 and demolished in the early 19th century. Leiden Vrouwekerk 3.jpg
Wereldmuseum Museum Rotterdam A museum established in 1883. Rotterdam wereldmuseum.jpg
Witte Huis Offices Rotterdam An Art Nouveau office block built in 1898. It was the tallest building in Europe when built. One of the few buildings in central Rotterdam to survive German bombing during the Second World War. Rotterdam wittehuis.jpg


Rijksmonument Type Location Description Photo
Domtoren Tower Utrecht Tower of the Dom church in the centre of Utrecht. DomTorenUtrechtNederland.jpg
Kasteel de Haar Castle Utrecht Castle located near Haarzuilens, built in 1892. Kasteel de haar 22 juli 06 (1).jpg
Academiegebouw University building Utrecht University building built in 1891. 514264Academiegebouw.JPG
Tivoli Pop venue Utrecht Former pop venue at the Oudegracht, before that church. Oudegracht 245.JPG


Rijksmonument Type Location Description Photo


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