List of Jesuit sites

Church of the Gesu, mother church of the Society of Jesus in Rome
College church (St. Mariä Himmelfahrt), Cologne
Professed House church in Paris
Novitiate of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, Rome
University Church, Vienna
College church, Puebla
College church, Minsk
Professed house church, Vilnius
Professed House in Malá Strana, Prague
Church of the Gesù, Brussels

This list includes past and present buildings, facilities and institutions associated with the Society of Jesus. In each country, sites are listed in chronological order of start of Jesuit association.

Nearly all these sites have been managed or maintained by Jesuits at some point of time since the Society's founding in the 16th century, with indication of the relevant period in parentheses; the few exceptions are sites associated with particularly significant episodes of Jesuit history, such as the Martyrium of Saint Denis in Paris, site of the original Jesuit vow on 15 August 1534. The Jesuits have built many new colleges and churches over the centuries, for which the start date indicated is generally the start of the project (e.g. invitation or grant from a local ruler) rather than the opening of the institution which often happened several years later. The Jesuits also occasionally took over a pre-existing institution and/or building, for example a number of medieval abbeys in the Holy Roman Empire.

In the third quarter of the 18th century, the suppression of the Society of Jesus abruptly terminated the Jesuit presence in nearly all facilities that existed at the time. Many of these, however, continued their educational mission under different management; in cases where they moved to different premises from the ones operated by the Jesuits, the Jesuit site is mentioned in the list as precursor to the later institution. Outside Rome, sites operated by Jesuits since the early 19th century are generally different from those before the 18th-century suppression. Later episodes of expulsion of the Jesuits also terminated their involvement in a number of institutions, e.g. in Russia in 1820, parts of Italy at several times during the 19th century, Switzerland in 1847, Germany in 1872, Portugal in 1910, China after 1949, Cuba in 1961, or Haiti in 1964.

The territorial allocation across countries uses contemporary boundaries, which often differ from historical ones. An exception is made for Rome which is highlighted at the start. Similarly and for simplicity, only modern place names are mentioned, spelled as on their main Wikipedia page in English, even in cases where those modern names were never in use during the time of local Jesuit involvement.



Chapel of La Storta
Historic building of Collegio Romano
Church of Sant'Ignazio
Palazzo Gabrielli Borromeo
Biblical Institute
Gregorian University



Church am Hof, Vienna
College church, Innsbruck
Stella Matutina, Feldkirch
Canisius College, Innsbruck


Jesuit College in Polotsk (1580-1820), site of the Jesuit curia during the Suppression of the Society of Jesus
College in Orsha
College church, Grodno
College in Pinsk
  • Jesuit College in Polotsk (1580–1820), from 1812 an academy [be], seat of the Order's General Curia from 1773 to 1820, now Polotsk State University; college church demolished in 1964
  • Jesuit college [be] in Nyasvizh (1584–1773), now Corpus Christi Church
  • Jesuit college [be] in Orsha (1610–1820), reconstructed in the early 21st century
  • Jesuit residence [be] in Babruysk (1618–1773, with interruptions), initially a mission until 1630
  • Jesuit college [be] in Grodno (1622–1773), now Catholic Cathedral of Saint Francis Xavier
  • Jesuit college [be] in Novogrudok (1626–1773), initially a mission and from 1631 to 1714 a residence, now demolished
  • Jesuit college [be] in Brest (1629–1773), now Brest Fortress; college church demolished in the mid-20th century
  • Jesuit college [be] in Pinsk (1638–1773), now Belarusian Polesia Museum [ru]; college church demolished in the mid-20th century
  • Jesuit college [be] in Vitebsk (1640–1820), until 1682 a residence, later Catholic Church of Saint Joseph [be], demolished in the 1950s
  • Jesuit college [be] in Minsk (1654–1773), initially a mission and from 1686 to 1714 a residence, now Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Name of Mary; adjacent college buildings were demolished in the 1960s, except the Catholic consistory [be], and the reconstruction of the Governor's House [be] was considered in 2019
  • Jesuit college [be] in Novaja Myš [be] (1667–1693)
  • Jesuit college [be] in Juravičy [be] (1673–1820), until 1778 a residence, now a Russian Orthodox monastery
  • Jesuit college [be] in Mogilev (1680–1820), until 1799 a residence, later Catholic Church of Saint Francis Xavier [be], demolished in the 1950s
  • Jesuit college [be] in Slutsk (1689–1773), initially a mission and from 1703 to 1714 a residence
  • Jesuit college [be] in Mstsislaw (1690–1820), initially a mission and from 1711 to 1799 a residence, now Catholic Church of St. Michael the Archangel [be]
  • Jesuit residence in Slonim (1709–1781)
  • Jesuit college in Zhodishki [be] (1722–1773)
  • Eastern Catholic Jesuit seminary in Albertyn Mansion near Slonim (1924–1939)


College church, Antwerp
College courtyard, Tournai
College church, Kortrijk
College church, Leuven
Saint Michael College, Brussels

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Seminary in Travnik
  • Jesuit seminar, now Petar Barbarić Catholic School [hr] in Travnik (1882–1945 and since 1999)
  • Church and Seminary of Saints Cyril and Methodius [bs] in Sarajevo (1893–1944)


Jesuit church, Rijeka


Clementinum library, Prague
College in Chomutov
College in Kutná Hora
  • Clementinum college in the Old Town of Prague (1556–1773), now National Library of the Czech Republic and St. Salvator Church
    • Jesuits also dominated Charles University from 1622, and in 1654 the Clementinum merged with the University's Karolinum to form Charles-Ferdinand University
  • Jesuit college and university in Olomouc (1566–1773), now Palacký University Olomouc and Church of Our Lady of the Snows [cs]
  • Jesuit college [cs] in Brno (1582–1773), now Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary [cs]
  • Jesuit college [cs] in Český Krumlov (1588–1773), now Hotel Růže [cs] and Church of St. Vitus
  • Jesuit College [cs] in Chomutov (1589–1773), now Regional Museum [cs] and Church of Saint Ignatius [cs]
  • Jesuit college in Bohosudov near Krupka (1591–1773 and 1853–1950), now Episcopal grammar school [cs] and Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows [cs]
  • Jesuit college [de] in Jindřichův Hradec (1594–1773), now the National Museum of Photography and Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary [cs]
  • Church of St. Catherine [cs] in Chomutov (1605–1773), now part of the Regional Museum [cs]
  • Nové Město Jesuit college [cs] in the New Town of Prague (1622–1773), now part of the General University Hospital [cs] and St. Ignatius Church built 1655–1677
  • Bethlehem Chapel in Prague (1622–1773)
  • Church of Our Lady before Týn in Prague (1623–1773)
  • Jesuit college [cs] in Kutná Hora (1633–1773), now Central Bohemian Gallery (GASK) [cs] and Church of Saint Barbara
    • The Jesuits also established a school in Kutná Hora Castle [cs] in 1684, now the Czech Silver Museum [cs]
  • Jesuit college in Klatovy (1634–1773), now Klatovy Municipal Library [cs] and Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary and St. Ignatius [cs]
  • Jesuit college in Březnice (1642?–1773), now Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Francis Xavier [cs]
  • Jesuit college [de] in Uherské Hradiště (1662–1773), now a cultural center and the Church of Saint Francis Xavier
  • Svatá Hora [cs] complex near Příbram (1647–1773), now Svatohorská monastery [cs] and Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • Jesuit college [de] in Telč (1662–1773), now a part of Masaryk University, a branch of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands Museum in Jihlava [cs] and the Church of the Name of Jesus [cs]
  • Professed house in Prague (1673–1773), now Church of Saint Nicholas in Malá Strana
  • Church of the Annunciation [cs] in Litoměřice (1701–1773)
  • Jesuit college in Opařany (1717–1773), now known as Opařany Castle [cs] and Church of St. Francis Xavier [cs]
  • Hostýn pilgrimage church and monastery in the Beskids (1887–1950)
  • Velehrad Monastery [cs] in Velehrad (1890–1950 and since 1990), now also Stojanovo gymnázium [cs] and Basilica of Saints Cyril and Methodius [cs]


Jesus Heart's Church, Copenhagen


  • Jesuit College [pl] in Tartu (1586–1625)


College of Clermont, Paris, before 19th-century destruction
College church, Cambrai
College in Lyon
College in Bourges
College church, Eu
College church, Rouen
College in Besançon
College portal, La Flèche
College church, Rennes
College in Moulins
College in Reims
Novitiate in Paris
College church, Metz
College in Clermont-Ferrand
College in Strasbourg
Lycée Sainte-Geneviève, Versailles


College in Munich
College church, Munich
College church, Würzburg
College in Mainz
College in Dillingen
College in Heiligenstadt
College church, Landsberg am Lech
College in Koblenz
College in Paderborn
College church, Münster
College church, Aachen
College church, Heidelberg



View of Buda with the church of Saint Anne (left), Matthias Church and Hilton Hotel on the grounds of the Jesuit college (background)
College at Székesfehérvár


Clongowes Wood College
Manresa House, Dublin

Italy (outside Rome)

College in Naples
College church, Genoa
College church, Turin
Brera college, Milan
Professed house (Gesù Nuovo), Naples
College church, Trieste
College in Venice



Novitiate at Cagliari


College church, Trapani
College at Mazara del Vallo
Seminary church, Noto



Residence church in Skaistkalne
  • Jesuit college [pl] in Riga (1582–1621)
  • St. James's Cathedral in Riga (1582–1621)
  • Jesuit college [pl] in Cēsis (1582–1625), initially a residence until 1614
  • Jesuit college [be] in Daugavpils (1630–1811, with interruption 1656–1669), initially a residence until 1761, now Daugavpils fortress; college church destroyed during World War II
  • Jesuit school in Izvalta (1635–1820), from 1817 a college, now Izvalta Church [lv]
  • Jesuit residence in Skaistkalne (1660–1773), initially a mission until 1677, now Church of the Assumption [lv]
  • Jesuit college in Krāslava (1676–1811)
  • Jesuit residence in Jelgava (1690–1773)
  • Jesuit college in Ilūkste (1690–1773), initially a residence until 1761, destroyed during World War I
  • Jesuit college in Dagda (1742–1820)
  • Jesuit college in Puša, Rēzekne Municipality (1743–1820 and since 2006), now Puša Catholic Church [lv]
  • Jesuit residence in Riga (1804–1820)[29]


Vilnius college courtyard
Kaunas college church


College in Luxembourg



  • Jesuit college in the former Convent of the Visitation (1862–1910), now Lycée Albert Premier
  • Church of the Sacred Heart [fr] (1926–1965), now a parish church


Church in Amersfoort
Berchmanianum, Nijmegen


College in Poznań
Collegium Broscianum in Kraków
College in Sandomierz
University of Wrocław
College in Krasnystaw
Basilica in Stara Wieś, Southern Poland


College of arts, Coimbra
College church, Funchal
College church, Santarém


College church, Târgu Mureș


College in Saint Petersburg


  • Jesuit mission in Belgrade under Ottoman rule (1612–1632)[21]
  • Church of Saint George [sr] in Petrovaradin (1701–1773)


University in Trnava


College church, Maribor


Sanctuary of Loyola
Cave of St Ignatius, Manresa
College in Segovia
College in Madrid
College church, Santander
English college, Valladolid
College in Monforte de Lemos
College in Granada
Novitiate in Seville
College church, Salamanca
Col·legi Casp, Barcelona
University of Deusto, Bilbao
St Ignatius College, Barcelona



College in Lucerne
College in Fribourg


College church, Lviv
College at Kremenets
College church, Ternopil
1930s aerial view of Chyrów College, (Poland), now Khyriv

United Kingdom

St Ignatius, Preston
St Beuno's Centre in Tremeirchion, Wales
Sacred Heart, Wimbledon
Campion Hall, Oxford



Sacred Heart, Edinburgh





College in Buenos Aires
College church, Córdoba
Mission of San Ignacio Miní
Estancia Santa Catalina
Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires



College in Sucre
San José de Chiquitos
San Miguel de Velasco


College in Salvador, Bahia
College in São Paulo
College in São Luís, Maranhão
Mission of São Miguel
Saint Ignatius College, Rio de Janeiro


Grand séminaire, Quebec City
Church of the Gesù, Montreal
Villa Saint-Martin, Montreal
Manresa Centre, Pickering
St Charles Garnier College, Quebec City


Church in Calera de Tango
Church in Achao, Chiloé
Church in Valparaíso


College in Bogotá
College in Cartagena
Xavierian University, Bogotá


College church, Havana

Dominican Republic

College in Santo Domingo


College church, Quito
College patio, Quito

France (overseas)

  • Habitation Loyola [fr] in French Guiana (1668–1764), now an archaeological park

El Salvador


College in Antigua Guatemala
Landívar University central campus






College of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Mexico City
Professed house church, Mexico City
College in Tepotzotlán
College of Saint Ildefonsus, Mexico City
College church, Guadalajara
College in Morelia
Mission of Santa Rosa de las Palmas, Baja California
College in Zacatecas



College in Panama City


Mission of San Cosme y Damián


Church of Saint Peter, Andahuaylillas
College in Cusco
College church, Arequipa

United States

Newtown Manor, Maryland
Sainte Marie Among the Iroquois, New York
Georgetown University, Washington DC
Cunniffe House, Fordham University, New York
St Ignatius Church, Baltimore

Eastern Seaboard

Middle West and Great Plains

Mission Saint-Ignace, Michigan
Cudahy Science Hall, Loyola University Chicago
Johnston Hall, Marquette University Milwaukee
St Ignatius High School, Cleveland

St. John’s Jesuit High School in Toledo, Ohio


Loyola University, New Orleans


Mission San Xavier del Bac, Arizona
Santa Clara University
University of San Francisco

Puerto Rico


Estancia del Río de las Vacas


Andrés Bello Catholic University, Caracas
Catholic University of Tachira

Africa and Middle East



  • Jesuit college of the Holy Name of Jesus in Luanda (1584–1759, with interruption 1641–1648), now Ministry of Justice, National Printing House and Igreja de Jesus[51]
  • Jesuit college in M'banza-Kongo (1623–1669)[51]


  • Jesuit mission in Yerevan (1684-after 1722)[52]


  • Jesuit mission in Shamakhi (1686-after 1722)[52]
  • Jesuit mission in Ganja (1703-after 1722)[52]



Collège Libermann, Douala
  • Collège Libermann [fr] in Douala (since 1957)

Cape Verde

  • Jesuit mission in Cape Verde (1604–1617)


Côte d'Ivoire

Democratic Republic of Congo

Lovanium University, Kinshasa


Equatorial Guinea

  • Jesuit mission of Fernando Po on Bioko Island (1858–1872)[51]


Jesuit mission, Gongora
  • Jesuit complex [fr] in Gorgora (1608–1633), now Ruins of Gorgora Nova [fr]


  • Jesuit mission in Hormuz (1549–1568)[54]
  • Jesuit mission in Isfahan (1647–1755), from 1651 in the New Julfa neighborhood[54]



Biblical Institute, Jerusalem



Saint Joseph University, Beirut


  • Xavier Jesuit School in Wein Town, Paynesville (since 2007)




  • Jesuit college on the Island of Mozambique (1610–1759), now Palace and Chapel of São Paulo
  • Jesuit college in Tete (1611–18th century)[51]
  • Jesuit seminary in Vila de Sena (1697–18th century)[51]



South Africa


  • Jesuit residence and school in Aleppo (mid-17th century), with satellite schools in Sidon (Lebanon) and Damascus[56]
  • Deir Wartan [ar] in Aleppo (since 1926)


Saint Benedict, Istanbul


United Arab Emirates


Canisius School, Chikuni Mission


St George's College, Harare

South Asia




Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada

Andhra Pradesh


St Xavier's High School, Patna

Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu

St Paul's Church, Diu



Church of Our Lady of the Snows, Rachol
Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa


St Xavier's High School, Ahmedabad


St John's High School, Ranchi
XLRI, Jamshedpur
St Xavier's School, Bokaro Steel City


St Aloysius College, Mangalore
St Aloysius College church, Mangalore


St Ignatius Church, Thiruvananthapuram

Madhya Pradesh


St Xavier's College, Mumbai


Xavier University Bhubaneswar


College church, Pondicherry


St Xavier's School, Jaipur

Tamil Nadu

Our Lady of Snows, Thoothukudi
St Mary's School, Dindigul
Loyola College, Chennai


Uttar Pradesh

Akbar's Church, Agra

West Bengal

St Xavier's College, Kolkata
St Joseph's School, Darjeeling


St Xavier's School, Jawalakhel


St Patrick's Cathedral, Karachi

Sri Lanka

St Aloysius' College, Galle

East & Southeast Asia


College church, Macau
Zhalan Cemetery, Beijing
Jingyi church, Shanghai
Zi-Ka-Wei Library, Shanghai
Xuhui High School, Shanghai


East Timor


Canisius College, Jakarta


Hiroshima Academy High School


Church of St Paul, Malacca


College church, Manila
Ateneo de Naga
Christ the King Church in the Ateneo de Naga University campus, Naga City, Philippines

Republic of Korea

Sogang University, Seoul


  • Jesuit mission in Ayutthaya (1670–1767)[60]
  • Jesuit observatory in Lopburi (1685–1687)[61]




St Ignatius' College, Riverview
St Ignatius Church, Toowong
Newman College, Melbourne


New Zealand


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