Librije's Zusje (Zwolle)

Librije’s Zusje
Restaurant information
Food typeLocal, French, International
Rating2 Michelin stars Michelin Guide
Street addressSpinhuisplein 1
Postal/ZIP Code8011 ZZ
Seating capacity40
WebsiteOfficial website

Librije's Zusje (English:Librijes little sister) was a restaurant in Zwolle, Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in 2009 and retained that rating until 2011.[2] In the period 2012-2014 the restaurant was awarded two stars.[3][4]

The restaurant was owned by Jonnie and Thérèse Boer and was part of the culinary group around De Librije. It was located in a former women prison, which they share with Librije's Hotel and Librije's Atelier (cook- and wine school).[5]

Head chef was originally Sidney Schutte.[6] After the departure of Schutte in 2009, Alwin Leemhuis took over.[7][8] Leemhuis left in 2012 and was succeeded by Maik Kuijpers[9][10]

On 1 May 2014 the second sister of De Librije opened in Amsterdam. This restaurant, also named Librije's Zusje is located in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.[11] On 14 September 2014 it was announced that Librije's Zusje (Zwolle) would close on 31 December 2014 and that De Librije would take over the location.[12]

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