Lariang River

Lariang River
Sungai Lariang, Salu Lariang,
Uwai Lariang
Native nameSalo Lariang
Physical characteristics
 • locationSulawesi
MouthMacassar Strait
 • location
Lariang, West Sulawesi
 • coordinates
1°25′00″S 119°17′31″E / 1.41667°S 119.29194°E / -1.41667; 119.29194Coordinates: 1°25′00″S 119°17′31″E / 1.41667°S 119.29194°E / -1.41667; 119.29194
 • elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Sulawesi is located in Sulawesi
Mouth of Lariang River

The Lariang River is a river in Sulawesi, Indonesia.[1]


Its tributary, the Pebatua River, arises in Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi, and forms the Lariang when it is joined by the Koro River from the left (south) at 1°39′50″S 120°2′47″E / 1.66389°S 120.04639°E / -1.66389; 120.04639.[2] The river, as the Lariang,[3] goes on to form part of the border between Central Sulawesi and West Sulawesi and enters the Macassar Strait just past the town of Lariang.[4][5] The mouth is at 1°25′00″S 119°17′31″E / 1.41667°S 119.29194°E / -1.41667; 119.29194.

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