Laksha Warina

Laksha Warina
YAROWILCA HUANUCO 013 La Corona del Inca Ayapitej.JPG
Laksha Warina as seen from Ayap'itiq (Ayapiteg)
Highest point
Elevation4,281 m (14,045 ft)[1]
Coordinates9°52′5.34″S 76°31′43.86″W / 9.8681500°S 76.5288500°W / -9.8681500; -76.5288500
Laksha Warina is located in Peru
Laksha Warina
Laksha Warina
LocationPeru, Huánuco Region, Yarowilca Province

Laksha Warina, Lakshawarina, Llaksha Warina or Llakshawarina (Quechua, Hispanicized Lacshahuarina, Lacsha Huarina, Llacshahuarina, Llacsha Huarina), also known as Corona del Inca (Spanish for "crown of the Inca"), is a mountain in Peru. Its summit reaches 4,281 metres (14,045 ft) above sea level. The mountain is situated in the Huánuco Region, Yarowilca Province, on the border of the districts Chavinillo, Choras and Jacas Chico.[2]

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