Lake Linow

Lake Linow
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Lake Linow is located in Sulawesi
Lake Linow
Lake Linow
LocationNorth Sulawesi, Indonesia
Coordinates1°16′12″N 124°49′37″E / 1.270°N 124.827°E / 1.270; 124.827Coordinates: 1°16′12″N 124°49′37″E / 1.270°N 124.827°E / 1.270; 124.827
Native nameDanau Linow (Indonesian)
Basin countriesIndonesia
Surface area0.34 km2 (0.13 sq mi)
SettlementsTomohon, North Sulawesi

Lake Linow is a volcanic lake located outside Tomohon, near Manado, Indonesia. Several hydrothermal vents spew hot gas from the edges and depths of the lake. The changing chemical composition of the lake means that it changes colors often, ranging from red, dark green, and even to dark blue.[1] The lake is abutted on its sides by Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu. The lake carries a fairly strong miasma of rotten eggs, due to the sulfur that is often in great quantities in the lake. The word "Linow" derives from the Minahasa word for "water gathering place".[2]

The scenery around the lake


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