Krasiao Dam

Krasiao Dam
LocationHuai Khamin Subdistrict, Dan Chang District, Suphan Buri Province
Coordinates14°49′57″N 99°39′41″E / 14.83250°N 99.66139°E / 14.83250; 99.66139
PurposeIrrigation, flood control
Construction began1966
Opening date1981
Construction cost960 million baht
Built byRoyal Irrigation Department (RID)
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarthen
Height (foundation)32.5 m
Length4,250 m
Total capacity390 m3
Active capacity240 m3
Catchment area1,220 km2

Krasiao Dam (Thai: เขื่อนกระเสียว, RTGSKhuean Krasiao, pronounced [kʰɯ̀a̯n krā.sǐa̯w]) is in Huai Khamin Subdistrict, Dan Chang District, Suphan Buri Province, Thailand.[1] It was built in 1980. It is an earthen dam built to store water from the Krasiao River. Its length is 4,250 meters and its height is 32.5 meters. Its reservoir is 28,750 rai (46.00 km2; 17.76 sq mi). The capacity of the dam is 240 million metres3. It is the longest earthen dam in Thailand. Its beneficial area is 350,000 rai.[1]


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