Koror Jail

Koror Jail

Koror Jail is a prison located in Palau. It is the only prison in Palau, and it is located on the island of Koror in a governmental centre between federal office buildings and the Palau National Congress. The 1 600 m2 prison consists of two structures built in the 1970s and one constructed in the 1990s, and it is surrounded by an 2.4 m wire mesh fence and an 2.4 m concrete wall; a wall from the neighboring Ministry of Justice building also serves as a jail barrier.[1]

By 2001, Koror Jail has become a tourist destination thanks to inmates who create and sell elaborate wooden storyboards at a retail facility located on the jail's grounds.[2]


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7°20′29″N 134°28′32″E / 7.341375°N 134.4755377°E / 7.341375; 134.4755377 (Koror Jail)

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