Kizilgaha caves

Kizilgaha Caves
Kizilgaha caves is located in Southern Xinjiang
Kizilgaha caves
Shown within Southern Xinjiang
LocationXinjiang, China
Coordinates41°47′30″N 82°53′55″E / 41.791667°N 82.898611°E / 41.791667; 82.898611Coordinates: 41°47′30″N 82°53′55″E / 41.791667°N 82.898611°E / 41.791667; 82.898611

The Kizilgaha Caves (simplified Chinese: 克孜尔尕哈石窟; traditional Chinese: 克孜爾尕哈石窟; pinyin: Kèzīěrgǎhā shíkū) consist in a Buddhist Temple inside a complex of caves in the area of Kucha, Xinjiang, China. The paintings in the cave go back to the 5th century CE.[1] Other famous sites nearby are the Ah-ai Grotto, Kizil Caves, Kumtura, Subashi Temple and the Simsim caves.[2]


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