Atamyrat (1999-2017)
Zemm (in antiquity)
Kerki is located in Turkmenistan
Location in Turkmenistan
Coordinates: 37°51′11″N 65°14′13″E / 37.85306°N 65.23694°E / 37.85306; 65.23694Coordinates: 37°51′11″N 65°14′13″E / 37.85306°N 65.23694°E / 37.85306; 65.23694
CountryFlag of Turkmenistan.svg Turkmenistan
ProvinceLebap Province
DistrictKerki District
Time zoneUTC+5

Kerki is a city in and capital of Kerki District, Lebap Province, Turkmenistan. It was formerly known as Zamm[1] and, between 1999 and 2017, as Atamyrat. It is situated on a plain on the left bank of the Amu Darya river.


According to Atanyyazow, the name Kerki is most likely of Persian origin, from ker ("fortress") and kuh ("mountain"), meaning "fortress on a mountain".[2] However, Muqaddasī and de Goeje assert it is a Turkified pronunciation of the Persian name Karkuh (کرکوه), meaning "deaf mountain".[3] The ancient name, Zamm, is of obscure origin.

On 29 December 1999, by Parliamentary Resolution HM-60, the city and district of Kerki were renamed Atamyrat in honor of Atamyrat Nyýazow, father of Saparmurat Niyazov, who had worked in Kerki as a teacher before being killed in World War II. On 25 November 2017, by Parliamentary Resolution No. 679-V, Atamyrat was changed back to Kerki for both the city and the district.[4]


Nearby towns and villages include Mukry (3.3 nm), Amu Dar'ya (2.1 nm), Surkhi (3.1 nm) and Kerkichi (2.2 nm).[5]


The town was served by Kerki Airport before facilities were terminated in 2004.[6] In August 2012, state-owned Turkmenistan Airlines announced an international tender to design and construct a new terminal with capacity of 100 passengers per hour.[7] In February 2013 the road bridge connecting the city with Kerkichi was commissioned [8] The new airport was opened in June 2021.[9][10]

In 1999, the railway line from Türkmenabat to Kerki was finished, linking Kerki to the Turkmen railway network without having to detour into neighbouring Uzbekistan.[11] In late 2016, a railway line was built south to Ymamnazar on the border with Afghanistan and further to Aqina, turning Kerki into a railway hub.[12] It is expected to become part of a railway corridor through northern Afghanistan.


The all-time high temperature 47.0 °C (116.6 °F) was recorded on July 8, 2021.[13]

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