Kelayan Muhammadiyah Mosque

Kelayan Muhammadiyah Mosque
Masjid Muhammadiyah Kelayan
Masjid Muhammadiyah Kelayan Banjarmasin.jpg
AffiliationSunni Islam
LocationBanjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
Kelayan Muhammadiyah Mosque is located in Indonesia
Kelayan Muhammadiyah Mosque
Geographic coordinates3°19′46.9″S 114°35′45.6″E / 3.329694°S 114.596000°E / -3.329694; 114.596000Coordinates: 3°19′46.9″S 114°35′45.6″E / 3.329694°S 114.596000°E / -3.329694; 114.596000
Date established1938

Kelayan Muhammadiyah Mosque (Indonesian: Masjid Muhammadiyah Kelayan) is a mosque located in Kelayan B st., West Kelayan, South Banjarmasin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia, and it was built in 1938. The mosque is right next to the tip of Kelayan River. Front side faces Kelayan B street, and back side faces the river. According to H. Syamsuri, one of the board of the Muhammadiyah Mosque, the back side of the mosque once jutted into the river. As such, most of the mosque building is existing on the surface of Kelayan River. Such condition benefits the pilgrims, as during the daily prayers, some pilgrims can use river transport, such as jukung and kelotok to reach there. The water vehicles are parked right next to the mosque on the river side.[1]


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