Kaw Mountain

Kaw Mountain
View from the mountain
Highest point
Elevation337 m (1,106 ft)[1]
Coordinates4°35′57″N 52°17′14″W / 4.5992°N 52.2872°W / 4.5992; -52.2872
Kaw Mountain is located in French Guiana
Kaw Mountain
Kaw Mountain
Location in French Guiana
LocationRoura, French Guiana

The Kaw Mountain is a 337 metres high mountain in the commune of Roura in French Guiana, France. It is a narrow tepui with a laterite top.[2]


Kaw Mountain is covered in rainforest and is part of the northern range of the Guiana Shield. The mountain is an obstacle to the trade winds leading to a very high humidity[3] resulting in an abundance of plant- and animal life.[4] The northern streams of the mountain flow into the Angélique Creek, the southern streams feed the Kaw and Mahury River.[3]

The mountain is located near the Kaw-Roura Marshland Nature Reserve.[5] On 12 February 2010, the General Council of French Guiana voted to protect the mountain and surrounding area as the Trésor Regional Nature Reserve.[6]


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