The jetty at Karavostasi
The jetty at Karavostasi
Karavostasi is located in Cyprus
Location in Cyprus
Coordinates: 35°8′11″N 32°50′2″E / 35.13639°N 32.83389°E / 35.13639; 32.83389
Country (de jure) Cyprus
 • DistrictNicosia District
Country (de facto) Northern Cyprus[1]
 • DistrictLefke District
 • MukhtarAhmet Ced
 • Total2,075

Karavostasi (Greek: Καραβοστάσι; Turkish: Gemikonağı) is a town in Cyprus, 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) north of Lefka. It is under the de facto control of Northern Cyprus.

Karavostasi is home to the port of Gemikonağı, which was historically used for exporting copper but is inactive since 1992.[3][4]

Before the conflict in Cyprus, Karavostasi had been a mixed village. Its name means "boat stop" in both Greek and Turkish.[5]

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