Kadzi Formation

Kadzi Formation
Stratigraphic range: Tithonian
~150–145 Ma
TypeGeological formation
PrimaryConglomeratic sandstone, silty mudstone
Coordinates16°18′S 30°48′E / 16.3°S 30.8°E / -16.3; 30.8Coordinates: 16°18′S 30°48′E / 16.3°S 30.8°E / -16.3; 30.8
Approximate paleocoordinates32°12′S 5°36′E / 32.2°S 5.6°E / -32.2; 5.6
RegionMashonaland North
Country Zimbabwe
Type section
Named forKadzi River
Kadzi Formation is located in Zimbabwe
Kadzi Formation
Kadzi Formation (Zimbabwe)

The Kadzi Formation is a geological formation in Zimbabwe whose strata date back to the Tithonian stage of the Late Jurassic. The conglomeratic sandstones and silty mudstones of the formation were deposited in an alluvial environment.[1] Dinosaur remains are among the fossils that have been recovered from the formation.[2]

Vertebrate paleofauna

Indeterminate brachiosaurid remains present in Mashonaland North, Zimbabwe.[2]

Genus Species Presence Notes Images
Barosaurus[2] Barosaurus sp.[2] Mashonaland North[2]
Brachiosaurus[2] Brachiosaurus sp.[2] Mashonaland North[2]
Brachiosaurus NT new.jpg
?Camarasaurus[2] ?Camarasaurus sp.[2] Mashonaland North[2]
Dicraeosaurus[2] Dicraeosaurus sp.[2] Mashonaland North[2]
Dicraeosaurus hansemanni22.jpg

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