urban-type settlement
Jondor is located in Uzbekistan
Location in Uzbekistan
Coordinates: 39°44′N 64°11′E / 39.733°N 64.183°E / 39.733; 64.183
Country Uzbekistan
RegionBukhara Region
DistrictJondor District
Urban-type settlement status1983
 • Total8,700
Time zoneUTC+5 (UZT)

Jondor (Uzbek: Jondor/Жондор, Russian: Жондор) is an urban-type settlement in Bukhara Region in Uzbekistan. It is the seat of Jondor District.[1][2]


In 1938–1977 - the village of Sverdlovsk and the village of Sverdlovskaya in the Bukhara region of the Uzbek SSR, the administrative center of the district of the same name. Since 1981 - an urban-type settlement of Jondor, the administrative center of the Sverdlovsk (since 1992 - Jondor (Jandar)) district.[1][2][3]


Jondor is located 21 km west of the center of Bukhara and 465 km southwest of Tashkent. The closest cities to Jondor are: Bukhara (23 km), Galaasia (26 km), Romitan (26 km), Kagan (31 km), Qorakoʻl (38 km), Vabkent (42 km), Alat (48 km ), Shafirkan (50 km), Gijduvan (58 km), Karaulbazar (58 km), Qiziltepa ( 65 km), Gazli (75 km), Turkmenabat (88 km, Turkmenistan), Muborak (99 km), Kanimekh (101 km ), Zafarabad (112 km).[4]


The urban village of Jondor ranks 170th in terms of population in Uzbekistan and 13th in the Bukhara region.[4]

Industry and economics

The city has plastic, wine and vodka, canning, dairy and bread factories. The most developed industrial sector is the textile industry. The enterprises produce fibers, non-woven material, yarn, and threads. The agricultural sector is mainly engaged in sericulture. There is a joint Uzbek - Chinese enterprise "Khadan" for the production of silk and silkworms, cocoons.[5] There are food industry enterprises, a plant for canning fruits and vegetables grown in the area, small firms specializing in the production of building materials, wholesale and retail commercial organizations selling industrial and food products.[6]


The international highway Bukhara—Turkmanabad (Chorjoy) passes through Jondor. Buses run on the routes Jondor—Bukhara, Jondor—Karakol.[6]


There are 2 secondary schools, 2 lyceums for gifted children, a boarding school, 2 libraries, a public museum and a central hospital in Jondor. In 2001, a complex was built in Jondor in memory of veterans of World War II.


25 kilometers from Jondor there is an archaeological monument, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient settlement of Varakhsha. It is located on the western outskirts of the Bukhara oasis, on the site of a once deep stream that fed the Zeravshan River.


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